Tour a Georgian country home with some bold interior choices


Renovation is an understatement to describe the work Caroline and Neil Baldwin completed in their beautiful Grade II Georgian homes. Built in the countryside of Worcestershire in 1801, it had a myriad of features recommended before refurbishment.

Behind the house is a dramatic curved window overlooking 15 acres of land, a large cantilever staircase, an elegant drawing room, a spacious kitchen, and a beautifully balanced dining room with friends and family. Great for social dining. These characteristics make this property one of the best homes in the world.

(Image credit: Brent Derby)

A similarly long list of essential repairs was revealed in its first display, but with little hesitation at the moment from Caroline and Neil. Their offer was accepted and eventually they were on track. They moved with three young children and lived in the middle of all their work, in one old bathroom with just one fire and running water. They survived for six months without a kitchen.

External and structural repairs

Front entrance with white columns and sports car outside and Georgian sash windows

(Image credit: Brent Derby)

However, the kitchen had to wait, as external repairs were urgently needed to first work to ensure that the house was watertight and structurally sound, including repairing leaked roofs. After the roof was repaired, there was a gutter, then insulation, and all windows were removed, repaired and replaced.


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