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Eppie Thompson knows one or two things about being creative with color. Her home and her business are just about it – creativity and color.

Her one-bedroom London apartment is like a jewelery box full of glittering jewels. Harlequin patchwork of patterns, colors and shapes combine to create a unique living space full of interest and personality. These extraordinary qualities make this truly one of the best homes in the world, despite its compact size.

Eppie founded and operates The Fabled Thread, producing unique embroidery and sampler kits for fellow craft and needlework enthusiasts. She bought and designed a one-bedroom apartment in London. He knows to run The Fabable Thread from there and says that the two purposes of space determined many of the design decisions.

(Image credit: The Fabled Thread)

Like her beautiful sewing kit, the apartment is full of colorful items. Much of the art, furniture, soft furniture and upholstery were made by Epee or a member of her family. The result is a surprisingly personal and creative space.

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