Tower of David Museum to hold four-day digital art, NFT festival

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Raise your hand and anyone who knows what NFT stands for. How about DAO? Or what is the Metaverse? How about the blockchain?

If your response to either the acronyms or jargon mentioned above is a quick shake or a blank look, it is advisable to connect to the ZERO1NE event with the support of the Tower of David Museum. December 27-30, in Jerusalem.

Called “the best digital art festival in the country” for these four days, 30 works of art, 6 site-specific original works, 9 lectures, 10 live performances, 12 international artists, 28 An Israeli artist from Dot will participate.

In addition to the Tower of David Museum, patrons can see cutting-edge efforts at Hansen House with zoom performances from the Mazkeka Music Hall in downtown Jerusalem.

Artistic directors of ZERO1NE JOINT, Yair Moss and Danielle Zini. (Credit: YAIR MOSS AND DANIELLE ZINI)

In 2019, ZERO1 NEBEGAN was hampered by last year’s pandemic logistics under the guidance of co-artistic directors Yair Moss and Danielle Zini.

How creative pursuits are now advancing in these areas to paraphrase the exponentially expanding world of artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual domains, and the intro to the Star Trek science fiction TV series of the 1960s. I am aiming to know if I am using it. Go to a place that the artist has never been to.

Moss and Zini hope to tell us how much the world of digital art has changed in five days, especially in the wake of major advances in virtual communications in post-pandemic reality.

The festival cultivates some basics at the heart of art. Where is the art published? Where does the creative process of communicating something in visual and / or auditory and / or physical form come from? It’s just that angels, muses, or something else creepy down the road, down the shoulders of the artist, infusing the idea of ​​an artistic adventure into their consciousness, and then the mortal creatures skillfully put it on it. Is it a matter of embarking? Or is there some kind of source that needs to be identified, utilized and followed the flow?

If you believe in Paul Cézanne and Marc Chagall, it was once formally inspired and not just the elbow grease you need, but it’s undeniable along the way to creative fruiting. The element. “A work of art that did not begin with emotion is not art,” the former is said to observe, but his Jewish Russian and French counterparts said: From the head, there is almost nothing. “

Assuming that the honorable members of the artist Pantheon above honestly express their personally learned truths, it adopts more cerebral and technologically advanced means as their primary trading means. What do you say about the achievements of modern creators? What role does basic IQ play in the artistic continuum of pregnancy? Also, is it Kosher to take advantage of the means that owe much to the rarer areas of computer science, as well as pure artistry?

After all, much of this dialectic focuses on the nature of the medium. But who decides if a work of art created using paint brushes and palettes has more intrinsic artistic value than, for example, a video clip created with state-of-the-art algorithms and software? ??

The museum’s deputy director, TAMARBERLINER, feels that the institution is leading the way in spreading the word for the latest innovations in the field and using them to promote the frontier of artistic expression. increase. She also points out, surprisingly, that it is the place where thousands of years of history have soaked in that sheds light on pioneering efforts in this area.

“The Tower of David presents layers of Jerusalem’s rich and colorful history,” she says. “In the last decade, the museum has been able to open its doors and introduce new and interesting interpretations and innovative technologies of Jerusalem that allow visitors to meet Jerusalem in different ways.”

The institution also participated in the positive act itself.

“Six years ago, the Tower of the David Museum entered the world of AR and VR technology and opened an innovation lab that harnesses this energy to improve the visitor experience,” continues Berliner. “Today, our lives are hybrid and touching on the technologies we are trying to better understand, so the tower of the David Museum is a modern cultural that is being transformed and shaped by new technologies and applications. We are proud to bring the platform back to the world. The complexity only reflects the complexity of the city the museum explores. “

This year’s ZERO1NE – the title refers to the two numbers that underlie all computerized activities – delving directly and indirectly into the mysterious phenomena of machine learning, AI in the world of digital art. Consider the position.

If your knowledge of the high tech field will give you an idea of ​​how to use home computers and smartphones, and want to know more about it and how it provides information to the world of art, with the Hebrew Moss on December 27th. Dr. Milly Perry, who is responsible for the ABC Art Blockchain and Community online session and is with Berliner and Perry, should help.

And it’s up to you to learn that NFTs are currently representing the boom sector, in case you tend to be technophobic and prefer to leave such virtual complexity to the experts. You may be interested.

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token and, in a nutshell, is a unique computerized work of art. This could be related to, for example, an image of Homer Simpson, an animation of a flying cat with a pop-tarts body, or a very short animated video where Donald Trump appears to be crouching in public. there is. And, certainly, any of the above can be copied and distributed indefinitely, thanks to the fact that they are in the public domain.

Consider this before raising a highly cultural nose in that market niche: an image of Homer Simpson and an internet meme of Pepe the Frog, which was recently sold for $ 320,000. Meanwhile, the aerial cat piece sold for just under $ 600,000 and was motivated by someone to pay a cool $ 6 million for a playing card clip. Obviously, NFTs are in the spotlight and are only noteworthy in terms of the cool financial facts in the field. The same is true for blockchain technology. This helps, for example, facilitate the transfer of the large payments mentioned above.

“In the last two years, there have been major changes in our world in a pandemic that has pushed people further into the digital world,” explains Moss. “The concept of where we spend our time and where we act has changed completely.”

He says it had a huge impact on the cultural sphere. “Digital art and NFTs have actually entered the field. In a sense, they work on different tracks, but there is a kind of cosmic connection that brings the two together.”

This is how museums had to rush to shuffle presentation packs and provide cultural consumers with online access to the artwork physically contained in the exhibition space in a more sophisticated way than ever before. Is clearly illustrated by. It inevitably affects the way the average person experiences art, but Moss believes that game-changing developments have left a mark on how artists do their business.

Paradoxically, the source gains value because it’s easy to copy the artwork created and provided digitally. “Basically, what gives art its value is that it has an original. [with digital work] The fact that this guy has a copy of the original makes it worth it, though not necessarily once. “

Moss says it adds value to something that is not concrete. “It has a big impact on how we think of things when we are not physical like music or sound, especially in art.”

The theory behind it is presented in visual and auditory form, along with a bunch of works such as the Italian artist Franz Rosati. His audiovisual work, Latentscape, will be on display at Hansen House, a soundtrack based on the generated music. Through machine learning. And if AI was a cephalopod by the South African and American group Orphan Drift, there is a four-screen video installation arrested for being screened online with the same worshiped Jerusalem facility.

Where is all this leading? Are we rapidly approaching the fork in the basin as the fruits of our enthusiastic scientific spirit overtake human non-digitized outputs? Is there an endless brave new world of artistic effort just waiting to be harvested? To find out, tune to ZERO1NE.

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