Tower of London Superbloom: Info And Tickets

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Tower of London Superbloom: Info And Tickets

As part of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in June, the moat of the Tower of London will be flooded with vibrant flowers – there’s even a slide for visitors to speed down.

A new floral display called “Superbloom” (sown from over 20 million seeds) will bloom, creating a dramatic and engaging experience. The installation, commissioned by the National Trust for the original Cliveden House refurbishment, will feature a family-friendly slide next to beautiful planters to complement the blooming flower fields.

“On arrival, visitors can grab a mat, slide into the moat on our Superbloom slide, and follow the visitor’s route through the display area,” said the Tower of London team. “Or for a more traditional flower entrance, there is a main Fully accessible visitor entrance. Specially commissioned sound installations and sculptural elements will entice visitors and make you feel right at home among the bees and butterflies. Take time to slow down and experience the nature around you.”

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The Superbloom scheme is the first phase of the permanent transformation of the moat into a new natural landscape in central London. It was designed by the historic Royal Palace and worked closely with landscape architects Grant Associates and Nigel Dunnett, professor of planting design at the University of Sheffield, to see the moat as a new habitat and green haven for pollinators, insects and seed-eating birds.

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Once the Superbloom exhibition closes this September, the new natural landscape will remain in the moat as a permanent Jubilee legacy. Make sure you don’t miss this…

For more information on Superbloom and how to book tickets, visit

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