Tribeca Citizen | 2021 Shop-Local Gift Guide: Unique among the unique


There are several unique shops in this neighborhood, not only in the city but also in the area. You can shop your entire list within the steps of your door. In addition, scroll down to see a list of local framers and give something truly personal.

57 Warren Street | West Broadway and Church)
I was able to do all the shopping at Korin, and in the last few years I have.
••• Soak in a beautiful teapot, even if the brew is Lipton. $ 29
••• Onigiri enough to keep on the stove. $ 70


Mysterious bookstore
58 Warren | West Broadway and Church
Independent bookstores are rarely found. Celebrate it.
••• It turned out to be the season of murder.Christmas crime, $ 15-18
••• They asked me to climb the ladder to check out Louise Penny’s collection. Even if you don’t like mystery, you’ll love Gamaches. Get some of the first and her latest — co-authored with superfan Hillary Clinton.


OK uniform
253 Leonard and Franklin Church
A pit stop for chefs and construction workers, there’s always something fun for civilians here.
••• This is a quirky and in-house made just right amount: $ 20
••• Brooklyn chore coat, kimono style for your green thumb friend. (Get your Etsy embroidered pockets.) $ 65

City store
1 Chambers Center
The logo of the city agency, the official gift shop in New York, is printed on everything from socks to hoodies to mugs.
••• This is a genuine stoplight glass, sold as a serving platter. What do you guess: it comes in two other colors. $ 25
••• Tribeca Joshbach is associated with downtown people who love New York.

Fountain Pen Hospital
10 Warren | Broadway and the Church
In its 75th year, the store has all kinds of pens you can imagine, including 4-digit price pens.
••• Esterbrook has been manufacturing pens since the 1940s.You can spend almost any amount, but these start at $ 148
••• Vintage pens are only available on Tribeca. $ 125 to $ 500


Pearl River Mart
452 Broadway | Howard & Grand
The prestigious Soho on this list mentions that during the pandemic, the famous Chinese empire moved from Walker to one block north of the canal.
••• I don’t know why I was so absorbed in these Bruce Lee figures … $ 9.50
••• Introduce your gang to Mahjong. $ 63


177 Franklin | Greenwich and Hudson
Detroit-based watchmakers always have the most ingenious gifts.
••• Shirring wallets are also available in black and straight-up leather. $ 525
••• Only Shinora considers reusing steel from American Airlines planes to desktop clocks. $ 395.


Tribeca Paint
217W.Broadway | White and Franklin
Tribecan Andy Scheman is the third generation owner of the last remaining hardware store. And he has a great gift of a practical kind.
••• I’m not kidding. You can get big points by putting a shop vacuum under the tree. Look for an apartment-sized one …


Rose box
186 Franklin | Greenwich and Hudson
The fresh cut freeze dry bra lasts for at least a year and can be custom ordered.
••• The wooden Dream Mini Half Ball has 25-27 flowers and is available in all colors. $ 299


Philip Williams poster
122 Chambers | West Broadway & Church
Tribeca’s mighty poster museum has thousands of vintage murals, but also small prints.
••• An old-fashioned official scorebook for serious Mets fans of your life. $ 15
••• LIFE, from the year your favorite was born. $ 20


177 West Broadway | Value and Leonard
This is a store dedicated to babies with fur, and has a large selection of snacks.
••• With all sorts of bad habits, use these squeaks to get your puppy to the party. $ 17.
••• I installed a self-groomer infused with this catnip in the corner of the cabinet. It’s not cute, but it’s a hit. $ 11.


Paper source
211W in Maman.Broadway
Pit stops for lots of gifts, in addition to everything on paper.
••• A great package of vintage puzzles. $ 25
••• Felt pompon tree toppers require special wiring, which is classic. $ 17


Frame Something Special
For last year’s anniversary, I assembled a work of art that my daughter made when she was three years old. She is now 15 years old, so a piece of paper was rattling around here all the time. I’m excited about what I’ve finally done. So use your holidays as an excuse to get beautiful things out of your storage. The list of local framers is as follows:

L & O framer
Founded in 140 Duane over 30 years ago

Gil & Lagodich
Fine period framing with antique frames and reproductions

Stephen Amedy
Custom picture frame and design service

GK framing
Fine art framing + Reflectel mirror that hides the TV

Trilogy photo
Custom framing service and ready-made frames.

Cloud gallery
Various framing from art to acrylic mount

ROOQ Tribeca
Custom framing including same-day service


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