Trio: Julia Fish on Paul Cezanne

Trio: Julia Fish on Paul Cezanne

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A few months ago I received a kind invitation on your behalf: Would you like to see me on your behalf? Three skulls (Trois Crânes)— Something like watercolor — pay attention to some thoughts, then positively, to further shape my “seeing” of the intended publication? My “yes” confirmed: it’s an honor and a privilege.

Therefore, with the image of “photograph” and its given title (inside the heart, in front of the heart), I encouraged my allies to the awakening consciousness, but the facts that still bother us. The power of convergence rattled: pandemic disease, death, and loss of other forms-the year of the season from its first invited moment.

I was lucky to meet Trois Crânes More than once under the guidance of an expert in the coordinated light of the Art Institute’s Nature Conservation Institute.

This research is now going inward, so I’ve turned my account directly to you. Send some of these omitted notes and queries to report or forward to something you don’t know yet.

As you understand well, the following is certainly incomplete: how the photo is waiting, are you longing for another view? But this is what I know and needs to be confirmed. Your solemn trio illuminates the shared and challenged present tense, but it is still visionary.

Really with you

JF / Chicago

March 29, 2021

From viewing and reconfirmation

Released from the frame
Show Lying:
Tactile weight.
I offer to help:
Carefully lift the work
— —3 skulls Now stable —
Tilt with a table easel.

It seems that a wash with a faint color is prepared
From end to end of the sheet
In partnership
With fleeting graphite clues:
What’s below
Retains luminescent brilliance —
Enough evidence to name a color:

Undecided, but settled:

The forehead with ridges
Central Elder — Wisdom is a Wedge
Between young pairs.

Left — Forward, fearless
!!Carmine droplets
Right-accept fate?
Or paralyze it.

Snuggle up —Like a selfie
Wink, overrun with diagonal light.

The incisors sank and were caught
A tweet with scalloped bones
[ dismayed by absent tongues 
and mandibles gone missing ]
— Still dignified
Embrace at the tablescape:
A compassionate garden.

Occurs to me
Another way to test your title word:
Three of the skull
Face the image as if it were distributed—
Or pulled out-cards in order.

Well, as I said nearby:
See where the brush points arc them
The line shared by the skull and the air—
Or air and walls-or skull if there are edges
Comes with a lush tapestry.

Each mark that was searched and prospered:
Upset shaking
Intentional or hesitant
Disclosure on merciless paper.

Each place of absence should have eyes
Drink in
Spectrum of the situation:

Light red and blue
Mark one
Against the yellow pool

The other five make what they do
From the annotated variant:
Green sparks or faded notes
Grade blues
Cobalt bit indigo
Stain-red to pink
Ocher mauve and violets.

Inhale each absent nose
Always shaded palette scent.

Each gap marked with a brush
We propose “innerness” —
Call the dome we can’t see:
Thinking and recall
I once won.

— Julia Fish

Julia Fish’s Cezanne Essay 3 skulls First printed in the exhibition catalog Cezanne, Above all, with essays by fellow artists Etel Adnan, Ellen Gallagher, and Kerry James Marshall. Art History Entry; Contribution from the Art Institute of Chicago Restoration House. Find out more about this publication.

The Outside Voices article features creative thinkers and creators of Chicago’s rich cultural community working on the artwork in the collection.


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