Tunisian artist wins Saudi Arabia’s Ithra Art Prize underlining Pan-Arab emphasis of this year’s award

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Saudi Arabia Talent Foundation Mawiva Selects Participants at International Science and Technology Fair

Jeddah: More than 330 male and female students have been selected as finalists for the fifth phase of the National Olympics for Scientific Creativity, also known as Evda.

Front runners on the Central Exhibition Stage are eligible to participate in the final stage of the contest before attending the 2022 International Science and Technology Fair.

Ibdaa is a science and engineering contest organized by King Abdul Aziz and the Companion Foundation for His Talent and Creativity in collaboration with the Ministry of Education. This is Saudi Arabia’s largest pre-university science and engineering competition, empowering the next generation of scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs.

Approximately 110 talented male and female students from the western region are presenting their projects at the King Faisal Convention Center at King Abdulaziz University over a three-day period starting Wednesday. Previously, more than 220 athletes announced projects in Eastern Province and Riyadh as part of a central stage of competition. Contestants took training courses in specialized workshops.

There are two review committees consisting of 56 evaluators representing the Kingdom’s 54 government and private sector. Their main task is to investigate the project and approve the next 6th stage award-winning project before the final stage.

More than 103,000 students participated in the contest, according to Dr. Nagy al-Osmany, Deputy Secretary-General for Corporate Relations and Business Development at Mawiva. He added that 333 of these are eligible for the ongoing stage.

“We are attending the 3rd Central Exhibition of the National Olympic Games for Scientific Creativity, where 110 male and female students from the western, southern and northern regions of the country participate and a professional review. Innovative works will be exhibited before the Commission conducts a preliminary evaluation, “said Arosmany.

He added that the Commission will select several projects for the next stage of the Olympics. He further stated that they recently completed similar exhibitions in Riad and Eastern Province, with more than 220 students attending.

“We will select 150 participants from the three central exhibitions to compete in the next stage. This exhibition will be held in Medina under the auspices of Prince Faisal Bin Salman, Governor of Medina. , Evaluated and judged by 4 evaluators. Next, select the best project to represent Saudi Arabia in ISEF 2022, where 2,000-2,500 students represent up to 90 countries. “Masu,” he told Arab News.

He said Saudi students have won 83 awards since Mawiba began attending annual international events.

Regarding the criteria by which projects are judged, the Deputy Secretary-General said that a group of professional scholars would examine all submitted projects and determine which projects were eligible for other stages of competition.

“Our main goal is for students to understand the basics of scientific research, scientific methodologies, conduct experiments, collect results and analyze them. Also, environment, artificial intelligence, agriculture, health, We also aim to guide participants to their creativity and talent in finding solutions to social problems, such as those related to sustainable development. “

Abeer Taher, the creativity overseer of the Jeddah Education Department, told Arab News that he was evaluating a student’s project before submitting it to Mawiva.

She added that they contacted universities and research centers to promote talented work and provide as much support as possible.

“Approximately 33 female and 10 male students in the Jeddah Education Department have reached this stage of this year’s contest,” said Taher, Minister’s STEM supervisor.

She wanted more teachers to look for talented students and be trained to take care of them. She said Evder provides students with scientific research skills such as deep questions and critical thinking.

McCa’s 11th grade Abdullah Ruaidan briefly described his project, saying that his project includes an alarm system that can detect tsunamis that cause serious environmental damage and casualties. ..

“The purpose of my idea is to build a marine buoy that can act as a real-time early warning system. The idea is to use AI to collect and analyze specific data and activate a warning control center. It’s also aimed at developing, “says Ruaidan. He added that underwater sensors can detect the speed and direction of the tsunami.


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