Turkey’s 1st Multidisciplinary NFT Collection Beeing Hope Aims to Save Endangered Bees, Local Pine Honey Production

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Istanbul-(Business wire)-Last summer’s devastating forest fires that devastated Turkey’s fertile Mediterranean and Aegean regions left an indelible mark on local ecosystems and devastated several local industries. According to the European Forest Fire Information System (EFFIS), an estimated 203,000 hectares of forest in Turkey were destroyed by wildfires last year alone.

Repeated wildfires in Turkey, partly due to the global climate crisis, represent an existential threat to the region’s biodiversity. With the ultimate goal of mitigating this threat and protecting the diverse coastal regions of the country, the Being Hope Project as an ambitious social responsibility project has been initiated by the sponsor of Le Petit Marseille Turkey.

Supporting the healing of damaged ecosystems in Turkey

The “Beeing Hope” project will heal Turkey’s fire-burning ecosystems and protect endangered honey bee populations by bringing together appropriate stakeholders for a common purpose. We aim to revive local honey production. Local production of pine honey, which was mainly concentrated in the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean region, stagnated due to the fire last year, adversely affecting rural areas.

According to the organizers, a significant portion of the income generated by the project will be directed towards raising public awareness of the issue and supporting environmentally friendly initiatives across the country.

Beeinghopenft: Turkey’s first interdisciplinary NFT collection

Within the context of the “Beeing Hope” project, art exhibitions are generated by non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are units of data stored on the blockchain. Featuring 10,080 digital artworks by 28 visual artists, the “beeinghopenft” collection is being billed as the first Turkish-sponsored art show to take a thoroughly interdisciplinary approach.

All the artists who contributed visited the areas damaged by the Turkish fire. There, we talked to locals, including beekeepers, who witnessed the big fire last summer. Deeply impressed with what they saw, the artists were encouraged to create NFT-generated digital works to be presented in the next collection.

Website: beeinghope.io

twitter: https://twitter.com/BeeingHopeNFT

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/beeinghopenft/

telegram: https://t.me/beeinghope_global

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