Turning Red has real artists relating to Mei’s mermaid crush fan-art

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get red This is a wonderful seijin-shiki story. This is mainly because you are not afraid to dive into the annoyance of being a young teen. Times, peer pressure, and misleading, greedy emotions are all fair games, and the movie takes the plunge. It’s a part of life that isn’t often celebrated in movies, and it’s a story that has struck a chord with many fans. Since the film was released, artists of all ages have been engrossed in their work and learning to embrace writhing from the protagonist and occasionally the Red Panda Mei. Many of these artists also think about how the art they created when they were young influenced today’s art.

“The moment my best friend in junior high school sent me a text message and Mei said,” I was reminded, “I knew something was happening. The movie brought us a lot of really good memories as an incredibly chaotic, confused teenager. “Netflix producer and lead writer Devon Giehl said: Dragon prince, In conversation with polygons.

Image: Pixar

get red Indiscriminately invests in the annoying aspects of a character’s life, picking up what is often considered wrinkled or best hidden and pulling them into the spotlight. This includes a 13-year-old May’s secret crash graffiti, a 17-year-old boy named Devon, a cute clerk at the local Daisy Mart. In one of the early scenes in the movie, she hugs and draws the two. She also portrays Devon as a merman and herself as the protagonist of the anime with her friends. It all feels very real in the notes of a young teenage girl.And it has Inspired conversation Among those who are deeply involved in the moment when Mei sweats or transcribes a portrayal of teenage desires.People are also celebrating these moments rather than finding them Inappropriate or embarrassing..

“I grew up when the internet was still a wild fandom frontier, and we almost happened to get together in place: my most meaningful hub Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fandom was, for example, a neopets role-playing board, “Giehl said. “Like many other people with all sorts of alienated backgrounds, I got a pretty rough start to my creative career, and some of my more heartfelt creative instincts. Feeled too easily choked by the leader who saw their vulnerabilities – and seemed to see it as something that needed to be punched out. “Kill it, it’s sick!”

For many artists, this stage of creation was the key to developing their voice and identity. Crawling a notebook was more than just a fantasy. This was a way for some creators to discover important parts of themselves.

“When I saw get red, I thought Mei’s picture was cute … and really tamed! I was definitely drawing something more racy by that age, and within a few years I was making a complete erotica because I discovered my queenes. “Fantasy. “I watched the movie, but I never imagined anyone had a problem with it. I really don’t understand what it looks like other than being innocent to people. . Have them met 13 years old? “

Sometimes I'm Lesser: May (Rosary Tian) shows off her red panda to her friends

Image: Pixar

The long history of salarians in online vanity press comics began after they began as hobbyists. “When the very tame girl and girl cartoons I was drawing turned erotic, I found it strange when I was a young teenager.” But the crucial moment is , They culminated in burning art and washing away the ashes. “My parents didn’t even be ashamed of me. They didn’t have to do that because I grew up surrounded by the message that sex was wrong and dirty. Now that I’m an adult, then , I found out how many friends are making similar art. “

I now feel that culture is shifting towards celebrating this kind of young and serious interest in art and fandom.It will be displayed in the following manner Bob’s Burgers Giving space to Tina Belcher’s fantastic erotic fanfiction, friend fic. This also applies to shows about millennial women. Tuca & Bertie Delve into Bertie’s love for British works.When get red Of course, this is a very visible example.in the meantime get red The excitement and positive reaction to the movie, which received some negative backlash, shows that many fans are not shy and are learning to love what they love.

A giant red panda staring at the mirror of a red panda from time to time

Image: Pixar

For Zeal, learning to accept this was an important part of her growth as an artist and creative. Now she is not shy about her fandom and is immediately sharing them with her friends. “‘Here’ people say,’This feels like your bullshit.’ They send me pictures of a sad boy without a shirt and a blacksmith woman with a giant sword. Lovingly roast and climb immediately. “

Both Giehl and Salarian work as professional creatives, but both emphasized that they should create some kind of art for artists, not just as a pursuit of capitalism. Giehl lovingly creates stories and enjoys time with the original characters in the Warcraft world.

“Are these perfect stories something I professionally market? No!” Zeal said. “They are full of sweet, messy, romantic bleeding hearts that may disappoint a lot of people? Absolutely! I foam in my mouth and force myself to do whatever I want to do. Do you do your best? Especially when you know you might make another choice for yourself professional jobs? Hell Yeah. “

The hustle and bustle culture and social media may encourage people to focus on posting more sophisticated art, but in the hope of funding Patreon and March shops, lined paper. There’s a pure and clean note about the sexy crash of sweating doodles on your notes. get red It captures its innocent and messy joy and treats it as an important mode of communication and self-discovery for itself.

“Not everyone who draws is the capital. An artist who wants to make it a passion and a job someday. Many children are visual communicators who gain insight into themselves by drawing. So we do it for whatever we like, “said Salarian. “I’m worried that many kids will see the discourse and think it’s not worth trying. They’ll give up something worthwhile before they start. For us to counter it. I’m worried that shame will permeate their subconscious without deliberate effort, and I think that’s the point of those who bring up something like this. They give their children Have It goes without saying that sexuality, the quest for it. But children do. Children younger than Mei. “

They added that: I didn’t really kiss the tuxedo mask, but I’m glad I spent a lot of time drawing it. ”

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