UCOLLEX Announces NFT and Digital Collectibles for Vampire in the Garden

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Digital merchandise will be dropped later this month to coincide with the worldwide debut of the Netflix original series anime.

Hong Kong, May 26, 2022 / PRNewswire /- UCOLLEX Announced the release of Vampire in the garden Digital collectors in partnership with MADworld and Animoca Brands KK (“”Animoka Brand Japan“). A series of limited-run NFTs and digital goods based on Netflix original animation set in the world of dystopia, where humanity struggles to survive in a vampire-dominated world, will be released.

Vampire in the garden Netflix original series produced by WIT STUDIO (WIT STUDIO).Attack on Titan, Spy x Family, Bubble), directed by Ryotaro Makihara (Empire of the corpse).Award-winning super animator Tetsuya Nishio ((((Naruto, Jinro, Sky Chloraz) Plays two roles in this series: character designer and animation director.

Vampire in the garden Stream exclusively on Netflix around the world May 16th.. The outline of the series is as follows.

It was a long winter for humankind, overthrowing from a dominant place after being defeated in a war with vampires.
A small city-state protected by a huge wall of light has become one of the last bases of mankind. The leaders decided to regain control of the lost world.

However, in the oppressive walls, young peaches dream of peaceful coexistence with humans’ greatest enemies.
Meanwhile, the vampire queen Fine, who once loved humans, decided to abandon the battlefield.
Seen as traitors by their own kind, the two have a fateful encounter during yet another barbaric battle.Together they begin their journey in search of “Eden”“, A peaceful, utopic garden with old stories whispered, but no one has seen it …

UCOLLEX and MADworld work closely together Vampire in the garden To bring a multi-layered NFT and digital collectable experience to a wider anime community. This collection is the first in a series of digital collectors of anime to be released by UCOLLEX and MADworld over the next few months.

For more information on this collection, please visit: https://ucollex.io/drops/vampire-in-the-garden And sign up..

About Wit Studio

Wit Studio TokyoBased animation studio established in June 2012 Our mission is to use animation to create content beyond the viewer’s imagination and provide an unprecedented experience.

Taking advantage of our strengths as a first-class professional group, we will make full use of countless unique talents and abilities to create original works that can only be made by teams, and create works that will be memorable to the viewer.


UCOLLEX is a next-generation creator platform aimed at making digital collections available to everyone, backed by Animoca Brands, a leader in digital entertainment specializing in blockchain and AI technology. We aim to help creators build a fan-based economy with best-in-class technology and communities, and create a world where fans can participate in the creator’s metaverse. UCOLLEX provides a world where collectors can feel at home and live their passion for collection through exclusive content, artist interviews, the best 3D art and innovative VR experiences.

For more information, please visit https: //www.ucollex.io/.

About MADworld

MADworld offers the NFT Origination Platform and the NFT Marketplace. They use blockchain technology to protect artists, artwork, creators and content entering the unexplored multiverse. MADworld supports NFT minting to verify ownership and history of physical art, collectibles, products and original content developed from live concerts, sporting events, artist battles and other creative representations. doing. MADworld is designed to give creators complete control over their NFT strategy and supports them by maximizing their revenue and impact from their lasting intellectual property.

See below for more information. https://www.madworld.io

About Animoca Brands KK

Animoca Brands KK is a strategic subsidiary of Animoca Brands in Japan. Japan Participate in the Web3 ecosystem, leveraging Animoca Brands’ network, reach and expertise to help establish an open metaverse.

For more information, please visit https://www.animocabrands.co.jp.

Source MadWorld


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