Unique tweezer design uses springs to let you easily, painlessly, and safely remove ear hair


Not only is it designed to behave like some tweezers, but like a small epilator that is easy to grab and drive hair, with Nikken Tweezers, you can use it yourself without any assistance. It is very easy to use what you can do.

A unique pair of tweezers will try you out for yourself, eliminating the need to go to a grooming cosmetology salon or take scissors and work safely. They are easy to operate and work as well as ear and nose hair. It’s great in plucking the hair you see, with scissors that aren’t incredibly safe when used on your own, or with regular tweezers, but unlike hard, it’s hair is what you see An important difference in Nikken’s ear hair tweezers sports when you can’t. At the tip of the tweezers, you can easily grab multiple small hairs, pull them at once, get caught in a spring spiral and have a small spring between that grab on any hair.


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Left side: Tweezers catch hair common to one side. On the right: NIKKEN catches ear hair with multiple sides of the spring.

The use of springs is a very clever design detail, as it maximizes your grip area compared to regular tweezers. The spring spiral shape catches multiple hairs at the same time to do a much more efficient work and works at 360 degrees. Also, the spring used in Nikken tweezers is not a normal spring. Unlike your average spring sports round cross section, it has a square cross section that can hold tight hair so that they don’t slip off the grip of the tweezers while pulling Nikken Spring. doing. Theoretically, tweezers work not only with small hair in the nose too, but also with eyebrow hair.

Go further to facilitate the design of Nikken tweezers and safe use. It comes with a blunt, rounded tip that is safe against the skin, giving a clean, smooth finish around any floating metal edges and welding spots, pointing out spring spot welding on tweezers. We guarantee that there will be no. The whole tweezers are also made from stainless steel, ensuring that it never catches rust or loses its finish. Nikken Tweezers are easy and intuitive, and wax your ear hair like those spooky virus Instagram and TikTok videos, rather than using tweezers and scissors on a regular basis quickly and regularly. Much more painless than. Once you’re done, the tweezers can be easily washed with soap and water, or sterilized in a pot of hot water before you’re ready to use it again.

Click here to buy now: $ 19 $ 26 (30% off). Hurry up, only 135/150 left!


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