Unity CEO Says Devs Who Don’t Want to Bake Monetization in Their Game Design Are F*cking Idiots

Unity CEO Says Devs Who Don’t Want to Bake Monetization in Their Game Design Are F*cking Idiots

Unity Technologies, one of the industry’s largest commercial game engines, has already been attacked with a $ 4.4 billion merger plan with IronSource, a software company known for its malware toolbars.

Adding fuel to the backlash, Unity Technologies CEO John Riccitiello (formerly working at Electronic Arts for many years) was even bigger when he called the “biggest fucking idiot” to developers who didn’t want to monetize their game design. I was angry. .. Here’s an excerpt from an interview with Unity’s Riccitiello on PocketGamer.biz:

Ferrari and several other luxury car makers still use clay and engraving knives. Only a small part of the gaming industry works that way, and some of these people are fighting the world’s favorite people. They are the most beautiful, pure and wonderful people. They are also some of the biggest fucking idiots.

I’ve been in the gaming industry longer than most people – I’ve reached everything, including gray hair. Previously, developers would throw the game over the wall to publicists and sales force, literally not interacting in advance. That model has been incorporated into many art forms and media philosophies and is a model I admire deeply. I know their dedication and consideration.

But the industry divides people between those who still hold that philosophy and those who are very embracing how to understand how to make a successful product. And I don’t know of any successful artist who doesn’t care what their players are thinking. This is where this cycle of feedback comes back and they can choose to ignore it. But choosing not to know it at all is not a great call.

The CEO of Unity Technologies even says that some games failed because they didn’t adjust a “forced loop” high enough for gamers to come back.

I’ve seen great games fail because I adjusted the forced loop to 2 minutes, which should be 1 hour. Sometimes you don’t even notice the difference between a big success and a big failure product, but it’s about this adjustment and how it affects the rate of decline. There are no developers on the planet who don’t want that knowledge.

Needless to say, there was a massive counterattack from many of the company’s main clients, game developers. A few hours ago, the CEO of Unity Technologies tried to control damage with the following tweet:

I’m still not sure if that’s enough, as some developers have already announced their intention to move from Unity to Unreal Engine in the IronSource merger news. This statement from Rich Tiello certainly does not improve the problem.


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