UNStudio designs an “urban speaker” in Seoul for K-pop music agency


Based in Amsterdam, UNStudio has wiped out geometric lines and metal surfaces to bring a sense of performance to the Seoul headquarters of Korean music agency YG Entertainment.

Designed by UNStudio, the seven-story headquarters is adjacent to the existing office building used by the agency, with offices, meeting rooms and a recording studio.

YG HQ is the headquarters of YG Entertainment designed by UNStudio.

Designed to resemble a speaker, this building contrasts the exposed concrete of an adjacent building with a central glazed section with “shell-like” metal panel cladding on the sides.

To the northeast is more surrounded by the “quiet side” of the building, and to the southwest is a glass and balcony overlooking the adjacent park.

Wrap the exterior of YGHQ with metal and glass
The building has the shape of a sculpture designed to look like a speaker

“It’s designed to be more productive than a building. All design features are performance features,” said the studio.

“The new YGHQ is in harmony with my brother in height, floor and function, while creating a new urge for this place and the organization enabled by its unique placement between the city and the park.”

Image of YGHQ balcony
The building has an office space, a recording studio and a meeting room

The office is built around a four-story sky-lit atrium, providing a meeting place for all users to draw more light into their building plans.

A series of protruding “pods” with large windows overlook this atrium and provide space for work or breaks.

“This area serves as a central setting for lower-level offices and recording studios, as well as users, staff and visitors,” said the studio.

All office spaces are located on the park side of the building, exposing the entire floor to sunlight.

Wayfinding is incorporated into the interior design with color coding and sweeplines that reflect the shape of the building.

Interior image of YGHQ atrium
Curves have been incorporated into the overall interior design

Lighting is integrated into strips along the lines of the interior and panels under the stairs, aimed at turning the office into a glowing beacon at night.

“At night, the lighting concepts of the different interior zones use the façade lines to give a glimpse of the different layers in the building, emphasizing the quality of performance that is unique to the entertainment and music industry,” the studio said. increase.

The pod overlooks the atrium
The interior is layered and has a futuristic look

In nearby Seongnam, Korean architect Moon Moon designed the K-POP curve building of the K-POP agency. This building features a curved concrete frontage.

Elsewhere, architect Glenn Sestig created a monolithic recording studio for the electronic music duo Soulwax, which nods to Italian architecture in the 1960s.

The photo is by Rohspace.


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