Use the power of scent to call forth spring

by AryanArtnews
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I love making decorative vignettes at home as a stand for candles or incense.

Having lived all my life in Ohio, I can say one thing for sure: There is nothing sweeter than the smell of spring.

The good times we’ve had recently reminded me of this, like the first few days after a long winter. The breeze wafting in through the open windows, with the smell of new growth, was pure bliss.

But, as we lifelong Ohioans know, we may have entered what some on social media call a “spring of deception” (check out “12 Seasons of Ohio” and you’ll see what I mean) .

In fact, by the time this article was published, we were probably back in winter mode, with the buds buried in the snow and us shivering around the house.

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