Utah teen turns entrepreneur, and digital artist, to raise money to end bullying

Utah teen turns entrepreneur, and digital artist, to raise money to end bullying

The 13-year-old artist created over 3,000 images of “Dude Alien” for sale as an NFT.

(Trent Nelson | Salt Lake Tribune) 13-year-old Zion Guevara launched the NFT Art Collection on Wednesday, June 22, 2022 in Lehi to raise money to raise awareness about bullying.

13-year-old Zion Guevara often uses the word “attractive” when describing the world of high-tech entrepreneurship, NFTs, and digital art.

His passion for the field, as is often the case with children of his age, shows his shining eyes, his unlimited enthusiasm, and the pure joy of doing what they like.

Guevara said he was trying to make good use of what he knew. In mid-June, he launched an NFT collection called “Dude Aliens”, a non-fungible token or digital asset that represents real-world objects like unique collections. This collection contains 3,364 hand-painted, computer-coded images of various aliens. Some people wear sweatshirts with the word “bullying” erased, while others include the word “racist saxophone.”

“I’ve always been in the tech industry and wanted to make a big impression and be an entrepreneur,” Guevara said. “But there is a good reason.”

Summing up the prices for each image, the collection is priced at $ 200,000 and is currently on sale. Guevara plans to add a one-on-one artwork in July, which will be auctioned on his website.

Digital art and the coding behind it are common and can be found, for example, in video games. But NFTs are different, Guevara explained. This is something that cannot be traded “without the same match”.

“It’s on the blockchain,” Guevara said. [lives] Behind the art. It’s like a collectible with a code. “

Given Guevara’s overall ideas and inspiration behind “Dude Aliens,” the fact that NFTs are a kind is appropriate.

(Zion Guevara) Screenshots of some digital images from Guevara’s NFT collection “Dude Alien”.

“I took my life experience and it was like,’Well, what can I make a brand name from?'” He said. “I always called my friends” hey, “and I always felt alienated. From there it just took off. “

Guevara created this project because he heard that young people in Utah lost their lives as a result of experiencing bullying. When I heard that his mother’s dentist’s son had taken his life as a result of the bullying, it was a continuous conversation about bullying with his mother. Other stories — Utah children who died of suicide after being bullied — as in Drayke Hardman and Izzy Tichenor — also attacked them.

Guevara said he had his own experience with bullying. Because he was another kid and a new kid. “At the age of 13, moving from Los Angeles, California can be very difficult,” he said. “It was a way to express my feelings in art.” The Guevara family moved to Utah three and a half years ago.

With his technical passion, it was easy for Guevara to start a business in an NFT space to raise awareness of anti-bullying. He is in the process of partnering with an anti-bullying organization called No Bully. This organization helps “train teachers and managers on how to find and identify bullying and eliminate bullying in schools.”

His mother, Ellen, said it was “bitter” to hear her son being bullied. “As a parent, you don’t want to hear that your child is hurt,” she said.

She said it was a “double blow” to see a community of adults who believed she was careful about their children lacking the training and tools to deal with bullying.

For six months, Zion wakes up and paints on the tablet, according to Ellen. He told his mother that he would have a bullying experience, and he did. Now she said, he is helping other children.

“I always tell my kids that everything has a purpose, not just money,” she said. “”[Money alone] It does not give satisfaction to life. “

Zion said he has promised to continue developing “Dude Aliens” for now, but he dreams of entering the Metaverse real estate one day.

“I really learned a lot of valuable lessons and experiences, such as learning how to code and art,” Zion said.

If there is one message that people can take from his work, celebrating diversity, eccentricity, and being an “alien,” Zion is to disseminate information about bullying. He said he needed to stop.

“Everyone needs love and everyone has been loved,” he said.



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