Vadodara house in 2 cents amazes with comfortable interiors and modern amenities

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Famous architect Manoi Patel is known for his incredible skills in designing huge homes in small plots.

It’s very incredible that this spacious house with an area of ​​2100 square feet stands in a quaint 2.25 cent plot. The house is in Vadodara, but it’s a great model that can be reproduced anywhere.

The house owned by Vaibav Gandhi is designed to suit the unique layout of the plot and the interests of the family. Designed in a contemporary style, the elevations are graceful and dignified.

The structure is rectangular to complement the rectangular shape of the plot. The double-height wall clay tile cladding is a great designer element that adds a unique dimension to the elevation.

In addition, these clay tiles act as insulation to protect the structure from extreme heat. Interestingly, this is the only luxury designer element in this simple and elegant home.

Incredible space management makes the interior of this house stand out. The space is smartly designed so that the spatial limitations of the small compartments do not overwhelm or steam the interior. Private and public spaces ensure privacy.

The room, on the other hand, is designed to facilitate internal traffic. Designed 100 square feet, this magnificent dwelling has a sit-out, foyer, living area, dining space, puja space, kitchen, storeroom and bedroom on the ground floor. On the other hand, the upper floors have two more bedrooms, a storage space and a balcony.

The foyer and living area are integrated into a spacious hall. The stairs, on the other hand, are in the formal living area. The vertical railings on the stairs look chic and modern. The open dining and kitchen create a spacious space.

Washbasin with pedestal The washbasin with pedestal is compact and does not take up too much space in the dining area. A beautiful wooden partition separates the washroom. Interestingly, the space under the stairs is a storage area with cupboards and cabinets.

The parallel kitchen seemed like the best idea in this house built in a small parcel. However, to make the kitchen space more efficient, there are plenty of cabinets and storage spaces here. Shared bathrooms are also located near the kitchen area.

This house has three wonderfully furnished bedrooms. The master bedroom is modern and boasts all the great facilities. All bedrooms have a bath.

This wonderful dwelling in Vadodara is a great example of a comfortable and modern dwelling built without breaking the bank. This is a universal model that can be easily reproduced anywhere in the world because it can easily adapt to unique geographic features.

Project facts
Location – Vadodara, Gujarat
Plot – 2.25 cents
Area – 2100 SFT
Design team – Ar. Manoj Patel, Aishwarya Gupte, Sonu, Purna, Darshan
Mob – 99243 76644
Year of completion-2020


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