Val Kilmer Wants to Make NFTs With You

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Los Angeles, March 1, 2022 / PRNewswire /-For more than half a century Val Kilmer He has refined his art in literature, film, poetry, painting, photography and music. However, his creative means suddenly stopped when he was diagnosed with laryngeal cancer six years ago. And although he defeated the cancer, radiation and chemotherapy interventions severely impaired his voice and mobility. Much of this part of his story was widely noted and admired in the award-winning 2021 autobiographical documentary from Amazon Studios and A24. VAL..

But Val’s story isn’t over yet. Perhaps no other example is as profound as the journey he is about to embark on.In cooperation with Galaxy (Formerly Ether Cards), Val launches Kamp KilmerA virtual space where an eclectic and artist community can come together to share ideas and collaborate on art, film, music and literary projects without space and time restrictions. The application is currently For collaboration opportunities.

“We wanted to create an exclamation where Bohemians, pirates, actors, poets, photographers, musicians, filmmakers and scholars could all get together and make things,” Kilmer said. “I looked for the ability to enable a project that could continue to evolve beyond my life. What if the project could run autonomously for the next generation? I This area is called KAMP KILMER. ”

One of Val’s most famous visual works of art analyzes the name of God in multiple panels, encouraging viewers to abstract the word and examine its relationship to the word itself.Converting this concept into a collaborative NFT was the first in the KAMP KILMER project. Galaxy art engineA new type of NFT that allows artists to work with the community to create works that can evolve continuously over time. KAMP KILMER offers a special free NFT for a limited time only (buyers pay only for gas). This NFT unlocks future utilities, including pre-sale access to future GOD PANELS collections. In April, Kilmer’s GOD PANELS collection, the first NFT collaborative offering under the banner of KAMP KILMER, will be released. GOD PANELS NFT leverages the elements of creative collaboration and gamification to create ever-evolving “living” digital art pieces.

The GOD PANELS NFT project will initially be deployed in two phases. The first Genesis phase revolves around the public sale of the first GOD panel art piece created by Kilmer. Once all the artwork that makes up the Genesis phase has been sold, the project will move into the expansion phase. In the expansion phase, collaboration increases the number of artworks in the project. In this phase, Artist Collaborators will “collaborate” with “Genesis Piece” to create another new work of art (a derivative of Genesis Piece) that incorporates a unique art style and vision. This creative collaboration involves everything from incorporating the entire Genesis piece as a small element of a new, larger piece of art to adding a layer of decoration on top of the Genesis piece. Revenues from these “first generation” derivatives will be shared with Artist Collaborator. The project will continue to evolve, enhancing and expanding technology capabilities.

“To Galaxis, who created the first art engine to use cutting-edge blockchain technology to realize my vision and enable the creation of collaborative, dynamic and continuously evolving collections of digital art. Thank you, “said Kilmer. “Web3, something that wasn’t possible before the world of cryptocurrencies.”

“Our founding team has been in the field of cryptocurrencies and NFTs since the early days. Just as we love NFTs, if they are pretty JPEGs, it’s mainstream. I quickly realized that the appeal was limited. ” Andras Christoph, CEO and co-founder of Galaxis and EtherCards. “Galaxis’s goal is to build the future of NFTs through code and communities, making the tedious development of utility characteristics simple and universally available. Partnering with KampKilmer to lead the next evolution of communities and NFTs. I’m proud to be able to do it. From a way, from a temporary deal to a living, evolving and self-reliant ecosystem. ”

About Kamp Kilmer
KAMP KILMER is a lively collaborative effort in arts, film, music and literary projects, where creative beings come together to share ideas, contribute to the evolution of art through technology and connectivity, and collaborate in exciting and innovative ways in art, film, music and literary projects. It’s a breathtaking virtual space. KAMP KILMER is a community of eclecticists and artists who can thrive with endless possibilities without space and time restrictions. Visit to discord For more information. Follow KAMP KILMER twitter When Instagram..

About Galaxy
GalaxyFormerly Ether Cards, creator-community relationships by incorporating bespoke utilities into a simple NFT that can bring growth and change, offer owner-specific benefits, and open an essentially unlimited set. A state-of-the-art engagement platform that transforms and enhances.An interactive tool for fostering, engaging and monetizing communities

Galaxy was founded in Singapore In 2021 Andras Christoph When Benon Originally as an NFT project called EtherCards. They quickly realized that the dynamic and interactive utility characteristics available in the Ether Cards collection would be very useful for other current and new NFT projects. To date, the company has grown organically through funding from the sale of Ether Cards NFTs and revenue from partner projects. For more information,

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