Veteran Animator Tony Bancroft’s Original NFT Art Now Being Auctioned

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Disney animation veteran Tony Bancroft, co-director Mulan And the creator of Pumbaa, the adorable desert warthog The Lion KingOffers 5 new original drawings for auctioned collectibles MovieBloc Until December.

With over 30 years of experience in the animation industry, Bancroft’s experience spans a variety of practical creative roles in almost every aspect of the production of animated films, videos, commercials and short films.During his 12-year career at Disney Studios, he helped create and animate. Kronk, Dim companion The emperor’s new ditch, Neural clock from Cogsworth beauty and the Beast, And Iago’s nasty parrot Aladdin..

“NFTs that combine art and technology to create images that fans wouldn’t normally see in the production of animation features are exciting!” Shared Bankloft.

New NFT artwork is available in MovieBloc, and each NFT will be created in two different versions, Standard Edition and Premium Edition, with visual effects. NFTs are built on the Polygon blockchain, a popular eco-friendly Ethereum scaling platform.

“We are excited to introduce Tony Bancroft’s NFTs to the world,” commented Christian, CEO of MovieBloc. “These NFTs bring back good old memories to viewers. More than that, we believe that NFTs as a new art will empower artists and creators. This was what MovieBloc envisioned from the beginning. That is. “

Burbank base Astronomical entertainment ((((The darkness of the story and Grimm), Animation production and IP management company has entered into a strategic NFT partnership with MovieBloc, a PandoraTV company that is a blockchain-based video streaming company. It focuses on taking Hollywood filmmakers and artists to a new world of NFTs for film art collectors.

“Starting with Tony, we already have a lot of filmmakers and artists in line to introduce collectors around the world to the new world of NFTs,” said Jay Ahn of Astro-Nomical.

“I’m always looking for new frontiers in entertainment and art. I’ve seen the NFT market mature over the last five years, but now it’s environmentally friendly and supports creators using the latest technology. It’s evolving like that, “Bancroft added. “I love being able to express myself creatively and give my fans something new and exclusive.”


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