Veteran Fox News cameraman and Ukrainian journalist killed while reporting

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Zakrzewski’s death was announced Tuesday by Fox News Media CEO Suzanne Scott. He said he was killed when a vehicle running with correspondent Benjamin Hall fired.

The death of Ukrainian journalist Oleksandra Kuvshynova was announced by Anton Gerashchenko, an adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. Gerashchenko, who accused the Russian army of bombardment, said Kvsinova died in the same incident as Zaklzevsky.

The hall, which was also injured, remains hospitalized in Ukraine.

Scott remembered Zaklzevsky as a journalist on Tuesday. “He was enthusiastic about telling stories, and his courage, professionalism, and work ethic were well known among journalists in all media.”

“He was very popular. Everyone in the media industry who covered foreign stories knew and respected Pierre,” Scott said.

Scott explained that Zakluzevsky’s talents are vast, “from photographers to engineers, editors and producers, there was no diving role to help in this area. She said,” Everything. Under great pressure. ” She has great skills. “

Zakrzewski, a veteran war photojournalist, “covered almost every international story of Fox News from Iraq to Afghanistan to Syria,” Scott said. He has been reporting from Ukraine since February.

A colleague from Fox News’ Zakrzewski immediately praised me.

Anchorville Hemel, who broadcast the tragic news on the channel, described Zakrzewski as the “absolute legend” of the network.

Anchor John Roberts said he had worked “many times around the world” with Zaklzevsky and described him as an “absolute treasure.”

Foreign correspondent Tray Ingst, also reporting from Ukraine, said on Twitter, “I don’t know what to say. Pierre was as good as they came. Selfless. Brave. Passionate. This happens to you. I’m very sorry for that. “”

Zakrzewski’s counterparts on other networks also remembered him.

Clarissa Ward, CNN’s international correspondent, said he had the “great privilege” of working with Zaklzevsky and “the greater privilege of calling him a friend.”

“Extraordinary spirit, great talent, and one of the kindest and most graceful colleagues on the road,” Ward wrote on Twitter. “I’m absolutely sad.”

Fox News just recognized Zakrzewski as one of the “unknown heroes” of the network in December. He was then portrayed as a journalist who “endangers life in the war zone to hear the story of Fox News.”
The news of Zakrzewski’s death comes a few days after the award-winning American journalist Brent Renaud was killed in the Ukrainian town of Irpin.

Andrey Nebitov, head of Kyiv regional police, said Russian troops shot Renault: “Even international media journalists trying to tell the truth about Russian atrocities in Ukraine are sarcastic. I’m killing with all my heart. “

Another journalist, Juan Aledondo, was also injured in Ukraine on Sunday.

The Freedom of the Press group condemned the violence faced by journalists while reporting on the war. After Renault’s death, the Committee to Protect Journalists called on the Russian army to “stop all violence against journalists and other civilians at once.”


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