Vibrant Paintings Merge Beautiful Blooms With Female Figures

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Australian artist Jessica Watts celebrates everything feminine with her series of colorful paintings. She uses a unique collage style to blend the depiction of a female figure with vibrant flowers, botanical wallpaper designs and natural scenes.

Before she became a painter, Watt worked as an advertising art director in Sydney and New York for nearly 20 years. During this time, she collected a range of exquisitely designed tools such as vintage rubber stamps, wallpapers and typography manuals. Later, when Watt decided to portray a full-time career, she used her souvenir as an inspiration for her first creative series.

“My paintings look at gender clichés and focus on positive and beautiful things,” Watt tells My Modern Met. “My collection of wallpapers from the 1940s was the inspiration for my series. Wall flower“A large group of works depicting the body of a woman who is immersed in both nature and common home decor, wallpaper,” she continues. “Both of these themes speak to feminine in a beautiful and powerful way.” Her other series, rawFeatures the same flower-female-portrait mashup painted in oil and acrylic on handmade Australian hardwood with a custom frame.

Watt not only celebrates the feminine expression in her work, but also empowers her normally not. “The traditional idea of ​​wallflowers is shy girls waiting to be chosen, but these women are the central stage. They are confident, confident and strong,” she said. Explains. “I play with patterns and brightly colored flowers and birds to emphasize their connection to nature. Similarly, by cloaking figures with flowers, beauty is hidden more than what was revealed. We strive to capture them in a way that shows what they are. “

You can keep her latest projects up to date by purchasing original art and prints from Watt’s online store and following the artist on Instagram.

Australian artist Jessica Watts creates exquisite paintings that blend flowers with female figures.

Flower portrait painting by Jessica WattsFlower portrait painting by Jessica WattsFlower portrait painting by Jessica WattsFlower portrait painting by Jessica WattsJessica Watts: Website | Facebook | Instagram

My Modern Met has granted permission to feature photographs by Jessica Watts.

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