Vibrant Sculptures by Amy Genser Arrange Rolls of Mulberry Paper into Dense Topographies




# Acrylic # Paper # Engraving # Topography

February 14, 2022

Grace Evert

All images © AmyGenser, shared with permission

Artist Amy Gencer transforms knotty roots, coral reefs and other organic forms into vast, abstract terrain. Her main material is mulberry paper wrapped in a tight cylinder, nestled in a colorful chunk of acrylic paint that leads to the sea. Whether it’s canvas, PVC, or another base, the dense composition spreads in all directions, looking through the edges of small ridges.

About four years ago, after moving to a larger studio space in Hartford, Connecticut, Genser expanded the scale of its work, which was previously limited to smaller canvases. Recent projects include multi-legged wall sculptures, self-supporting works, and a site-specific installation called “Shifting” that just opened at the Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton, Massachusetts. See photos of the artist’s process behind the massive work on her Instagram. ..

Regardless of size or shape, each piece speaks of a climate crisis and uses small dyed coils to “focus on the beauty of our natural world,” she tells Colossal.

There is a close relationship between my art and environmental protection. Inspired by the Earth and the solar system, I use natural materials for my work. I mainly use mulberry paper made from regenerated branches of mulberry trees. I’m struggling to justify the use of materials in an attempt to protect natural resources. I am adding new materials, more “things” to my work. We try to minimize the use of unnatural materials.

Check out her extensive portfolio for more information on Genser’s complex structure.

# Acrylic # Paper # Engraving # Topography

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