Vice Press Partners with Drew Struzan for ‘The Thing’ 40th Anniversary Screen Print!

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Jason Blum Over the years, he has revealed many times what he wants to bring. Nightmare on Elm Street When Friday the 13th Franchise to the Blumhouse family together Halloween When exorcist, This is certainly always possible in the future.The Friday Of course, rights are still in the legal turmoil, but what’s the latest? Elm Street Franchise?

Talk to Screen Rant while promoting Black phone Last week Jason Blum said he was confident he could get if Blumhouse could go to bed with Freddie. Robert englund Please come back to play Dream Demon again. This is despite Englund saying that there are days behind him who have been doing make-up several times in recent years.

“”I was able to get him home, “Brum tells Screen Rant. “”I could get anyone back..So Ellen Burstyn was 87 years old, I got her back [the upcoming sequel to] exorcist.. “

“75 … he’s young,” Bloom continued, referring to Englund.

It’s been a few years since I heard the peep Nightmare on Elm Street In 2019, franchise Bloody Disgusting reported that Craven Estate was exploring the possibility of the next article in the series. They now hold the card, as US rights to the franchise returned to Kraven Estate a few years ago.

The Elm Street The situation is much easier Friday the 13th In it, Craven created Freddie and wrote the original script for the New Line Cinema-Production / Release. Nightmare on Elm Street.. Wes Craven Real Estate is the sole owner of Freddie and US rights to Freddie. NOESNew Line Cinema continues to own international rights.

Wes Craven Real Estate keeps it simple, deals with Warner Bros. / New Line Cinema, and keeps everything in the family. Or, a slightly more complicated route is to partner with another domestic distributor (Sony, Lionsgate, Universal, etc.) that works with Warner Bros. / Newline. The latter handles international releases.

Blumhouse can certainly make up this equation, but as far as we know, it’s not trading.For now, new Elm Street – Use Englund – is just a Blumhouse dream project.

You can see the chat between Screen Rant and Jason Blum below.

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