Victoria textile artist’s work in the spotlight after being featured in hit Netflix series

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Victorian artist textiles have been in the limelight after decorating Netflix’s latest acclaimed drama set. Maid..

Maid It’s about a young mother trying to get away from an abusive relationship and get the job done cleaning her house. Although the story is set in Washington, the series was filmed in various locations around Vancouver Island.

The producer looked for a local artist to appear in the set design. Artist Heather Cadieux was first approached by the production team based on an online post featuring her signature felt food.

“Originally it was food, but she contacted me about making a 4-foot dragon in four days. [for the daycare set]Kadie will host Robin Burns at CBC. All point waist.

Felting is a type of craft that takes wool-like fibers and usually uses special needles to engage them into shapes and structures.

“”[You’re] Basically, do not stab at the same time, but stab repeatedly until you get the shape you want. There is no guarantee. ”

Cadieux has never made a dragon, not to mention a dragon of that size, but of “mixed media” consisting of sewn felt, a wooden basin, and the outer body of the felt. Assembled creatures quickly.

A Netflix maid scene featuring Heather Kadieu’s big felt dragon. (Maid / Netflix)

It was a success.

“The kids were playing with it, so they returned it to me for repairs in the middle of the episode,” she said with a laugh.

“I did this project in January. It’s been expected for a long time, but it was really nice to see it.”

Working on the show was a great moment for Kadu, who began his work, which he felt in response to her challenge as a young mother.

“The reason I started the felt business was because I was fired from a housekeeping position, so it was interesting to see the similarities in her story,” said Cadieux.

“I … I want to teach others to get out of day care payments and go to work to pay for the day care cycle.”

Heather Cadieux, a textile artist based in Victoria, British Columbia, creates works from felt. Her work was featured in the Netflix drama series Maid, shot on Vancouver Island. (Felt Mercantile / Facebook)

Currently, Cadieux runs the Etsy shop, a YouTube tutorial channel that sells felt pattern patterns online.

“On my channel, people always say,’Oh, I can’t do this.’ I have to remind them that I didn’t know what to do except to make a hole in my pants two years ago. “

“You were just practicing and didn’t even know you could feel felt with a needle two years ago, and now I’m making this 4-foot dragon.”

8:12The main placement maids in the Netflix series raise the profile of island textile artists

The Victorian Netflix series Maid was acclaimed when it was released earlier this year. Textile artist Heather Kadieu is also gaining in popularity. If you’ve seen the show, you might have found her feltwork decorating the show’s “Island Kids Preschool” set. She talked to Robin Burns. 8:12

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