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Villa Acer blends minimalist geometry with comfort and warmth

Located on a beautiful hill in Hîncesti, MoldovaVilla Acer is custom made House Designed for middle-aged families. The 135 square meter dwelling was completed by the architect Maximal JackProvides a comfortable balance between minimalist geometry, comfort, and warmth.

The house has two main areas. A bedroom surrounded by corridors to give owners privacy and an active social area hosting the kitchen / dining / living room. The latter is filled with a glass curtain wall that provides a pleasing view of the landscape — creating a gentle dialogue between Villa Acer’s geometry and its surroundings.

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Frame the house with sculptural concrete beams + shield

We want to reduce construction time and provide calujac, a sustainable and simple design solution (see details). here) We built the core of Villa Acer using a wooden framework carried by a slab foundation. The façade is basically covered with warm tones of sweetfish thermowood, giving the overall design a homely and personal touch.

Framing the wooden volume is a concrete beam in front of the main façade, like a rugged sculpture. Seen from the road, the beams protect the house from unwanted sights, and its curved profile accentuates the rectangular lines of the villa and enhances the balance of contrast.

Villa Acer 3
Gap leading to the front door

Knitting together: A peaceful and calm space connected to the land

The minimalist approach is also reflected in the choice of interior finish. The architect covered the walls with wooden panels and shaped the floor with polished concrete to enhance the overall neutral tone with distinct furniture accents. As calujac says,’Everything is knitted together to create a space that does not burden your daily life.

Finally, because this is a resting place, the family wanted to maintain the main features of the terrain. This allows anyone visiting Villa Acres to find a peaceful connection to their roots and land.

Villa Acer 2
ayous Thermowood-covered façade

Villa Acer 5
View of the backyard

Villa Acer 4
Contrast between concrete and wood

Villa Acer 6
Details of concrete beams – front view

Villa Acer 8
Details of concrete beams – side view

Maxim calujac assembles a Moldovan wooden villa with carved concrete beams
Gentle and balanced wooden walls with polished concrete floors

Project information:

name: Villa Acer

range: 135 square meters

Year: 2020

position: Republic of Moldova, Hinchesti
Architecture: Maximal Jack

Design team: iulia moscalet, irina dubinschi, roman lecari, andrei gurulea
photography: Et alpmet

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