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How often did you try to pronounce Schwarzenegger and fail? Well, don’t feel that bad. The businessman Anand Mahindra also sailed on the same ship. In a hilarious tweet, he shared an image of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s mural. It identified actors and bodybuilders as Arnold Subhash Nagar. And soon, how the artwork became viral!

The mural that was born from a random idea in 2016 Terminator An actor by Delhi-based illustrator and designer Mohit Suneja, he works with Hindustan Times. He created wall art on the terrace of his home in Subhash Nagar, western Delhi. According to him, his purpose was to add a “local twist” to the name Schwarzenegger to make it easier to pronounce. “Speaking very fast with accents sounds exactly the same. I came up with the idea out of boredom. I didn’t do much when I was in Diwali in October 2016. Why don’t you find a large sheet of boxboard and make graffiti while cleaning? ”He recalls.

For Sneja, the actor has always been an inspiration, as evidenced by his art. “I respect Arnold. I grew up watching all his action movies. Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991),Pumping iron (1977), and Jingle all the time “It’s my favorite,” said a 34-year-old woman, and drawing Schwarzenegger’s “perfect physique” also helped me understand anatomy as an artist. “From an artistic point of view, Arnold’s aesthetically perfect physique from his heyday, with a picture-perfect definition of muscle, is to understand the anatomical and muscular structure of the drawings. It’s perfect. I’ve studied him a lot, but I still respect his paintings to improve my paintings, “says Sneja, a graduate of the College of Arts.

A sketch by an artist showing a bodybuilder.

Even Boliwood actors such as Jaaved Jaaferi and Gul Panag are paying attention to this sketch and sharing it on social media. “The reaction was great. It’s good that people are enjoying it so much and creating their own version of the name,” he wrote an autobiographical illustration of cricket player Sachin Tendulkar in the past. I will add the sneak that I did. Chase your dreamsAbove all, I designed the covers for the books of the authors Ruskin Bond and Kushwantosin.

“I love working with different forms of art, whether stamps or wall murals, and I’ve created works in different styles, sizes and genres. I’ve been a client of different Indian and international clients for over a decade. I have also drawn illustrations for. I also held art and design workshops for students and professionals at various schools and universities. When I’m not drawing, I travel and click on pictures. I love it, “he summarizes.

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