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Carlos, 72, could be one of them, if not the oldest NFT artist ever.

For our Metaverse, and for many, the first introduction to it is via non-fungible tokens or NFTs. Still in the dark, NFTs, defined in the Collins Dictionary, are “unique blockchain-registered digital certificates used to record ownership of assets such as artwork and collectibles.” ..

The latest person to enter the world of digital art is the painter and sculptor Carlos. To commemorate his 72nd birthday, the artist has exhibited both physically and online, presenting his famous works on canvas and as NFTs. Called “To the World of Carlos,” the exhibition, scheduled to open on February 28, was made possible in collaboration with First Mint Fund and animator IJ Cacnio.

“Painter” and “room music”

“NFTs are a new medium for me, but it seems to be an exciting and organic advance for my work,” says Carlos. “It’s a pretty adventure. It’s an adventure that goes beyond physical and time limits and has so many possibilities.”

Paintings for Carlos have always been about creating lively scenes in the minds of his viewers. With the help of Cacnio, you can now visually achieve that goal. And taking it to the next level is to include music, which is the animator’s personal touch on NFTs.

“It was a fun experience to carry out Carlos’ vision and add his own spin to it. For me, his work is timeless and familiar,” he said at an immersive international art exhibition in Japan. Kakunio, who has experience as a technical leader, says. “It was a tedious but rewarding process because I found meaningful details that I didn’t notice before editing.”

Carlos, 72, could be one of them, if not the oldest NFT artist ever. “I really admire Carlos for trying new things in his art,” says Kakunio, the creator and collector of the NFT himself. Carlos’ career includes a variety of on-site exhibits, both domestically and internationally, and this latest exhibit is also included in the Metaverse.

“The plan is to continue to create and collaborate on NFTs and continue to build this world in a coherent space on the Metaverse. How our team builds it, and especially other artists. It’s exciting to see how we do it ourselves, “Ends Carlos.

“Into the World of Carlos” will be published on and | Twitter and Instagram: @artbycarlosph

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