Wall Street’s ‘Fearless Girl to debut as NFT 

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The creator of the Fearless Girl Bronze Sculpture on Wall Street in New York City has announced the debut of her NFT collection, scheduled for the first drop on May 10.

Artist Kristen Visbal announced in a Monday release that this is the first virtual representation of her artwork on the theme of gender equality.

In a statement, the artist revealed that she worked with digital art studio 9ifx.net to bring the storyboard to life. She releases 226 NFTs, including one copy of the micromovie, along with the first private placement of a life-size fearless girl statue.

The famous Fearless Girl Statue, unveiled on International Women’s Day 2017, represents a young woman with her hands on her hips and her gaze upwards, as if she were ready to face the world. I am. The NFT release “Superstar Drop: Fearless Girl” realizes this symbol of equality in a whole new way, taking over the virtual world and opening up a new era of empowerment in the digital age.

“Many people have sought a feasible collection of fearless girl. NFT is the solution and offers a small piece of fearless girl as moving art! The girl symbolizes the call for gender equality in the workplace and is seen by millions of people every day, “said Kristen Visbal, the creator of the fearless girl. “Now that she has entered the virtual world, women across the country and around the world can take a fearless girl every day.”

According to the release information, this figure is shown as a universal creature that emerges from a celestial body in the collection’s three-tier limited edition collector item drop. The Fearless Girl Monument is paired with a short video of the Fearless Girl. Tier 2 includes a 22-inch bronze miniature and an NFT movie about a girl who is afraid to explode from a comet in flames. Tier 3 consists of 7 NFT trading cards featuring a fearless girl in various poses against a vibrant nebula background. It was auctioned at OpenSea on May 10th, followed by Tier 3 and Tier 1 later in the month.

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