Wannabe socialite scammer Anna Delvey holding solo art show

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Social scammer Anna Delvey continues to try to get scammers out of the scammers.

Following the popularity of the “Free Anna” art show in the Lower East Side in March, we featured a work produced by Delbay and redrawn by fellow artist and former Con Alfredo Martinez. Thursday at a public hotel.

“This is a collection of sketches I made while in ICE Orange County’s detention,” Delvey explained in a Page Six statement. “I wanted to capture some of the moments of the last few years, both unprecedented and symbolic, with limited tools at my disposal. The work is simple, but the others are more abstract and unique in meaning and appearance to the observer. “

She continued. “I studied fashion illustration at Parsons in Paris, but I haven’t sketched in this northern New York prison since then. Long story — don’t ask why.” She also said, “You I’ve already heard a lot of voices, but this is my story from my point of view, my beginning to tell my story. ”

Delvey has sold the rights to the story of the series “Inventing Anna” to Netflix for $ 320,000.

Delvey is said to appear in an art show via a video link.

A photo of Anna during the trial.
Nee Solokin’s Delbay was convicted of deceiving friends and banks.
AFP via Getty Images

Chris Martine, who is in charge of art sales at Delbay through the Founders Art Club, says there are 20 new works.

“It wasn’t easy to get things in and out,” Martine tells us. “Most painting materials and paper were rejected / confiscated. The only materials we got were some colored pencils and 9×12 watercolor paper. She is a prison, which is essentially a dull rubber writing instrument. I was heavily dependent on my pens and pencils. ”

Instead of selling individual items, Martine sells 48% ownership of the entire collection. He claims the total value is $ 500,000.

Delvey was convicted of fraudulently fraudulently about $ 200,000 from banks and luxury hotels and sought to get a $ 22 million loan to set up an elite art club.

Duncan Levin and Manubir S. Arora are currently processing Delvey’s appeal while sitting in ICE Detention Center in Goshen, NY. A German-born Delvey told Delvey, “You can deport her to any country she can go to, but she will stay here to fight her conviction and her deportation. I did. ”


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