Want to turn your regular 3D printer into a multicolor 3D printer? This clever printer attachment could help

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When I think about 3D printing, I’m amazed at how great the technology is and confused that it hasn’t changed much for more than a decade. Desktop 3D printers are pretty much the same as they were in the 2010s, but over the years, there can be subtle differences in materials, motors, and software. In most cases, the average printer uses an extruder that moves on the X and Y axes, a print bed that moves up and down on the Z axis, and a single roll of filament that can print objects in one color. The main improvements over the years are quality, reliability, speed, and sound. However, new little accessories provide existing 3D printers with the fundamental new capabilities of printing in multicolor and multimaterial.

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Create your dream design with 7 different color options.

Developed in collaboration with Creality, CoPrint is a nifty module that brings a fairly large upgrade to a discreet 3D printer. This module can load up to 7 filaments at a time, helping to manage the filaments and feed them to the printer, making it easy to change filaments when a color change is detected. This module is designed to be compatible with all printers that use Bowden-type extruders, but with some tweaks, CoPrint also works with direct-drive style extruders. Co Print effectively acts as a “mod” for your 3D printer, delivering the right color filaments while the printer is running.

The ability to switch filaments means that Co Print works effectively not only in different colors, but also in different materials. Based on the processing power of the 3D printer, the Co Print module can also supply PLA, ABS, soluble polymers (for support), wood, marble, bronze and copper to the printer. On the surface, this feature takes 3D printing to a whole new dimension, enabling a $ 500 printer to effectively do what a $ 5,000 commercial 3D printer needs. As long as the printer supports different filament operations, CoPrint will help feed the filament to the printer.

The user-friendly interface allows you to start printing and easily control the manual process of automatic filament replacement.

An accurate filament feeding system eliminates problems such as pipe clogging during filament replacement.

The process of incorporating Co Print into a job is not much different from a normal 3D printing workflow. When you’re ready to print your model, simply prepare it in Cura or Prusa Slicer and import the resulting GCODE file into CoPrint’s own program. The Co Print program then generates a new GCODE file for input to the 3D printer and the Co Print module at the top (via the SD card slot on the back). Then you can get a multifilament printer by simply starting the printing process with the printer and the Co Print module (which has its own display panel with a single knob interface).

The way Co Print manages filament changes well is essentially a “controlled waste” process. Just as an artist “wastes” paint on a palette, the Co Print process creates some waste as the filaments mix with each other during extrusion, mixing colors and materials. To overcome this, Co Print recommends 3D printing two models at once. The main model and an additional model for “cleaning”. Instead of effectively wasting filament, Co Print uses it to print extra models that can only be described as 3D printing equivalent to “You win some, you lose some!” increase. Eventually, two 3D prints will remain. One is the final product of the color / material that matches the desired requirements, and the other is the additional model created by the printer during the transition between filaments.

Co Print ships to existing printers for an additional $ 435, so you can upgrade its functionality without necessarily having to puncture your pocket to buy a new printer. It has a seemingly compact design (basically for a module that manages seven different filaments at the same time) and operates at 36W of power, making it extremely energy efficient. Co Print’s own program runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux-based computers and supports 3D file types such as .stl, .obj, .3mf, and .amf. Each CoPrint comes with a high quality nozzle and 2 rolls of PLA filament and will be delivered in March 2022.

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