Warhol Monroe portrait set to smash records at New York sales


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New York (AFP) – According to collectors, this month’s spring sales in New York are one of the most anticipated portraits of Marilyn Monroe’s Andy Warhol, worth an estimated $ 200 million.

Christie’s hopes that Warhol’s 1964 “Shot Sage Blue Marilyn” will be the most expensive 20th century artwork when it was placed under a hammer by an auction house on Monday.

Competitor Sotheby’s is offering $ 1 billion in modern and contemporary art during May’s Marquee Week, including a second support for the famous McClaw collection.

“The excitement is certainly unprecedented,” Joan Robledo-Palop, New York City’s collector and CEO of Zeit Contemporary Art, told AFP about the topics surrounding this season’s auction.

The 40-inch (100 cm) x 40-inch silkscreen Warhol is part of a series of portraits of pop artists made in Monroe after he died of drug overdose in August 1962.

After visitors to Warhol’s “Factory” studio in Manhattan shot them and stabbed them into a later restored portrait, they became known as the “Shot” series.

A woman posing in front of Pablo Picasso’s “Femmenu e couchée” at Sotheby’s Spring Sales Press Preview in New York on May 6, 2022. TIMOTHY A. CLARY AFP

Alex Rotter, head of Christie’s 20th and 21st century art, calls this portrait “the most important 20th century painting that can be auctioned across generations.”

The most expensive 20th century auction piece today is Picasso’s “Women of Algiers”, which won $ 179.4 million in 2015.

Warhol’s auction record is $ 104.5 million paid for a “silver car crash (double disaster)” in 2013.

Other highlights from Christie’s include Jean-Michel Basquiat’s “Portrait of an Artist as a Young Abandoned Artist” (1982) and Mark Rothko’s “Untitled”, which is expected to sell over $ 30 million. Red shade) ”and so on. To $ 80 million.

The auction house also offers three Claude Monet oils on canvas, each expected to sell over $ 30 million.

Rothco, Picasso, Richter

“Every decade, there are sales where you can’t usually see all of this at once because the quality is so high. This season has really grown into one of those unique moments,” Rotter said. I told AFP.

Sotheby’s will auction the remaining 30 items when it goes on sale on May 16th, after selling the first batch of McDonald’s collection pieces, which are the most expensive to hit the market last fall.

Highlights include Gerhard Richter’s 1975 “Seascape,” which is estimated to be up to $ 35 million, and Rothko’s “Untitled” from 1960.

Workers move Christina Quares "The night fell on us" Sotheby's New York Press Preview on May 6, 2022
Workers move Christina Quares’s “Nightfell Apons Up On Ass” during Sotheby’s New York Press Preview on May 6, 2022 TIMOTHY A. CLARY AFP

According to Sotheby’s, contemporary evening auctions of 19th and 20th century works, including Pablo Picasso and Philip Guston, have been “most valuable” in this category for 15 years.

Picasso’s “Femmenue couchée” was put up for auction for the first time, and Sotheby’s expects it to earn over $ 60 million. Other highlights include the Venetian Monet view tilted to get $ 50 million.

Brooke Lampley, Head of Sales for Sotheby’s Global Fine Art, said he hopes to break records across categories.

“The art market is very strong, so we have a lot of amazing works like this this season,” she told AFP.


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