WATCH: M’sian Artist’s Painting of Ultraman ‘Capturing’ Bunch of Petai Divides Netizens


As is often said, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. This definitely applies to art that can only be truly appreciated when it goes beyond the artwork itself.

Recently, a video of TikTok Paintings at a local art gallery are now viral After drawing A discussion of its meaning and the story behind it.

The video posted by @llona featured acrylic paintings by Ultraman’s group, which has a lot of Ultraman. Petai.


TikTok video has become viral and is now Over 85,500 likes and 553,000 views..Some netizens simply saw a picture of what it was Instead of the meaning behind it And what the artist was trying to portray.

“This is a deep art … it’s so deep that people can’t think of it.”

“Very deep I shed tears,“The netizens ironically commented.

Screenshot 1797

“Do you sell Ultraman? Petai now? from when? “ Another user said.

Screenshot 1799 Screenshot 1798

“It has layers and entities.”

on the other hand, Some netizens defended the painting And to others Please read the background before leaving an ironic comment.

“This is why you need to Read the artist’s summary of the art displayed next to it“The user said.

Screenshot 1802

Another user commented:Depicts the war between Japan and Malaysia in the 1940s.. “

Screenshot 1801 Screenshot 1800

The meaning behind the picture

The artist behind the painting Edloger Rossiri A person born in Sarawak. Edloger earned a degree in art from UiTM in 2009 and He has been active in the Malaysian art scene since 2005.

According to Hom Art Trans, in his artistic activities in many exhibitions, he goes back and forth between multiple works at about the same time. Explore different styles and forms It expresses his idea Socio-political, cultural transactions, and personal universal themes and abstractions.

One of his favorite themes is exploration Historical fantasy.


This particular piece was named “Penang Kapan Tok Petai” and is part of him. “Jepung Attack Malaya” this is A collection of paintings he painted in 2017..

The “Jepung Attack Malaya” The painting is an illusion Revisited Malaya during the Japanese Occupation from 1942 to 1945 A series of paintings depicting a fictional sense of historical events. Spectacular battle scenes between cultural expressions Of the characters involved in the war.

“The Japanese army is imagined as Ultraman, a popular fictional hero who fights against Murray’s resistance anthropomorphized as local traditional fruits and vegetables, and in the visual story of Ultraman’s story as the monsters they are fighting. I am adapting. “

Check out the collection here.


Watch the full video below.

@ xll3xcvll

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What do you think about the painting? Please let us know in the comments.

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