Watch Photographer Sally Mann and Her Family Reflect on How Their Everyday Lives Became Art

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For the past quarter century, the Higher Museum in Atlanta, Georgia has asked photographers for an initiative called “Drawing the South.” Targets range from swamps to high school students, closed industrial centers, and images of slavery scars. To commemorate the 25th anniversary, Hai held “Drawing the South: 25 Years”. This is a comprehensive exhibition of archives of past consignment works and new works.

One of the artists synonymous with the Southern United States is Sally Mann from Lexington, Virginia, who still lives there. Southern geography exists in Mann’s work, from landscapes to portraits, such as the series “Immediate Family,” featuring a husband and three children, and their farm, another member of the family.

Sally Mann, Untitled (1996). Atlanta Museum of Art. “Everyone sees these pictures and you must have had the most wonderful childhood,” Jessie Mann said in the first video aired in 2001. I was literally a water spirit until I was twelve, “she laughed. But as the children grew older, Mann pointed his lens at the landscape around him and embarked on a trip to Mississippi, Georgia and Alabama, using basic and often damaged equipment to scratch, leak, and so on. Many of the prints left an out-of-focus effect.

“If I say I have some aesthetics, it’s a kind of magpie aesthetic,” Mann told Art21. It’s very spontaneous. ”

Its spontaneity often helps to record the rapidly changing southern United States. Emmet Mann explained that his parents were deeply investing in the rich history of the southern city. Of the beauty of what surrounds you. “

Watch the video that first appeared as part of the Art 21 art in the 21st Century series below. “Picturing the South: 25 Years” will be on display at the Atlanta Higher Museum until February 6, 2022.

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