WATCH: SYFY Resident Alien Season 2 Midseason Finale After Show

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Who do you turn to when you need a New York City mural painted by a mysterious street artist, who is secretly disguised as an alien? Why, of course you turn to Joe Vaux!Known for his work on TV projects such as family man and Big mouththe California-based creative was invited to write all of Goliath’s psychedelic creations in season 2 of SYFY foreign residents.

Appearing on the official “After the Resident Alien Show” in tonight’s midseason finale, showrunner/executive producer Chris Sheridan recalls how he shares Vaux’s work with the other writers on the show, who have a great appreciation for the otherworldly. The aesthetic response is very good.

“Honestly, I really don’t know what we’re going to do,” Sheridan said, referring to the nightmare scenario where the artist rejects the offer.He later continued: “We put these paintings in the attic and Alan Tudyk was like, ‘Oh my God, who painted this?! This is incredible!’ Everyone was looking at them, all [of] By the way, the staff were looking at the pictures but it never happened. For them, it’s always background information. [But in this instance,] Everyone walked up to them and stared at them. “

“It was so exciting to be asked to use it in this way,” Vaux added. “I love the fact that my aunt and my mom are both in extended care hospitals – I’m just worried about their health right now – but they both took the time to watch the shows. They called me right after they were on the east coast and they Like, “Oh my god! This and that scene! “I thought, “I haven’t seen it yet!” what are you doing? ! stop! “I’m on the west coast and they called right after they saw it…thanks, foreign residents; Thank you, Chris.The cast is great [so] Keep doing what you’re doing. It’s so good. “

While all pieces from Episode 6 have been sold to collectors, fans can get remastered prints via Threadless. The first mural Harry (Tudyk) and Ashtar (Sara Tomko) encounter in Manhattan depicts an octopus-like creature in honor of the 42 deaths earlier in the episode. Goliath may be gone, but his legacy is through his paintings and…you know…a human alien hybrid baby who loves to eat raccoons.

Episodes 1-8 foreign residents Season 2 is now available on the SYFY app and Peacock. The second half of the season will premiere sometime this summer.Meanwhile, click here to learn more foreign residents good.

Peacock, SYFY and SYFY WIRE are owned by NBCUniversal.

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