Waupaka Celebrates the Arts – Waupaka County Post

Waupaka Celebrates the Arts – Waupaka County Post

The August 2021 Children’s Art Camp project is on display at the Waupaka Regional Public Library.Submitted photos

Family Creative Activity Week

The Waupaka Community Arts Center will be hosting a free three-day children’s art camp and four special interactive family art events during Participation Week, August 14-20.

The Arts Center is a project of the Waupaka Community Arts Council,

“We are delighted that our Arts Center staff can now bring so many exciting events to WCAB’s annual ARTicipation Week,” said WCAB President Marci Reynolds.

WCAB’s ARTicipation Week will offer daily live events and activities, culminating in the downtown core with Friday night hip-hop on August 19th and an all-day arts festival at the Plaza Arts Festival on August 20th.

Detailed schedules and information can be found on WCAB’s website www.waupacaarts.org/.

Children’s Art Camp

Taught by professional artists, the multi-day free children’s art camp will challenge participants to see the art hidden around them.

Using everyday materials, found objects and a keen eye, young people will create art designed to allow community members to seek out, discover and interact during art events in the square and beyond.

The three-day children’s art camp for children ages 10 to 14 will be held at the Waupaka Regional Public Library at 107 Main Street, Wednesday through Friday, August 17-19, from noon to 3 p.m.

The camp requires pre-registration and is limited to 14 children.

To register, visit the WCAB website.

Community Street Piano

On Monday, August 15th from 1-3pm, teens from the Waupaca Regional Public Library and kids from the Arts Center will be at City Square Bandstand helping community members design and paint Waupaca’s first community street piano. The goal is to create a new colorful playable piece of public art for the Waupaca community.

Co-sponsored by the Arts Center and the Library, the piano will remain on the bandstand in the city square during the summer and fall. Everyone is encouraged to come and scratch their ivory all summer long.

Heart and Soul Piano Activities

From 5:30 pm to 6 pm on Wednesday, August 17, join the art students on the City Square Bandstand for a duet of the classic song “Heart and Soul”. Everyone is invited to participate.

Afterwards, as part of the grand opening of the Art Center’s inaugural Student Art Exhibition, children were invited to do art in the Waupaka Library exhibit room.

Downtown Children’s Chalk

From 4pm to 5pm on Thursday 18th August, kids can create chalk strokes on the sidewalks of City Square with Oshkosh artist Mike Gelhar at City Square.

Gelhar would start creating his own chalk strokes that morning. The public is invited to stop and watch his work.

Gelhar has been participating in the Oshkosh Chalkwalk for the past five years. His work is displayed on his Instagram.

public art hunt for kids

Families can search for public artwork created by students at the ARTicipation Week Children’s Art Camp during the Square Arts event on Saturday, August 20, from 10am-4pm. These works are meant to be discovered, so they won’t be in plain sight.

For more help, pick up the Children’s Public Art Scavenger Hunt Tip Sheet at the Art Center in the square workshop tent behind the library.

To view the full schedule of ARTicipation Week events, Friday night hip-hop and square arts, visit WCAB’s website at www.waupacaarts.org/


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