We meet architecture studio Kwong Von Glinow

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Chicago’s Kwong Von Glinow on Optimism and Architecture

The Midwestern United States is shaking the world of architecture. As part of the next-generation 2022 project, you’ll meet 10 new practices that drive change, including Chicago-based Kwong Von Glinow.

Optimism is the driving force behind Chicago’s practice Kwon Fonglinou (KVG). How does it show up? Often, in-house, or rather, rethink traditional dwellings to create unique homes for unique residents. One such building is the Ardmore House in Chicago and the 12,000-square-foot Howard Van Doren Shaw’s house in Highland Park, Illinois, for the family of art collectors (in this practice, artists. , There are special tips for working with collectors and arts institutions).

“Our work transforms a positive architectural concept into a playful design with a wide range of appeal,” said Herzog & de Meuron, who won the Pritzker Prize in Basel before co-founding KVG in 2017. Allison Fonglinou, who worked on the internationally acclaimed Practis, including. SOM in both Chicago and New York. Toshiko Mori Architect in New York. Svendborg Architects in Copenhagen. Lap Chi Kwong also worked with Herzog & de Meuron and Amateur Architecture Studio on projects such as the M + Museum in Hong Kong, the Vancouver Art Gallery, and the Kramlich Residence & Gallery in California.

Allison von Greenow and Rap Chi Kwon photographed by Hugo Yu in the Chicago lobby

Buildings of all types and scales that are familiar but not as good as they look are KVG MOs. “If there is a thread that connects our work, we sometimes talk about the idea of” some of this, some of it, “” says a duo I met at Harvard Graduate School of Design. “It sounds ad hoc and arbitrary, but on the contrary, I think it’s actually a fairly accurate and controlled approach. [to] design. Not just this, this alone, all this, not all. We enjoy finding ways to create a balance between this and the potential parts of it.

The “this and some of that” approach extends to the last three projects of practice. All historic refurbishments and additions. “On the one hand, we need to respect existing buildings and appreciate what has been done in the past and can no longer be produced in the same way. On the other hand, historic spaces function for modern life. Users should not be obliged to live as they did 100 years ago, “says Von Glinow.

Ardmore House. Photo: James Florio

The co-founders focus on creating “innovative living environments, places of cultural involvement, urban public spaces, contemporary workspaces” and see Ardmore House as one of the key achievements. “We designed our homes based on values, not standards,” says Kwong. Speculative Housing Development received the AIA Chicago Small Project Honor Award, the AIA Chicago Distinguished Building Citation of Merit, and the AIA Illinois Excellence in Interior Award for projects under 5,000 square feet.

Swiss Consulate in Chicago

The duo is keen to renew the protracted perception of architecture as a professional service-driven industry. “By working with different arts and cultural institutions, we can broaden our knowledge and learn about our city from a different perspective,” they say. “We wondered how we could rethink our homes by’smuggling’architecture into the interior,” Von Glinow adds, referring to the installation in the following title. Smuggling architecture It was created with a grant from the Graham Foundation, which was exhibited at the Swiss Museum of Architecture.

Their optimism extends to the future of architecture. ‘Switzerland, many European countries, Hong Kong and several other places have city-led initiatives and organizations that guide young practices for a successful path. The more a city recognizes, builds and develops young design professionals and cultures, the more young practices will be engaged in building a better city. §

Rendering for the house for art collectors

Tower in the tower project


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