Wedding Photographer Reveals 10 Worst Mistakes Guests Make During Ceremony


Wedding photographers share the best ways guests can ruin a photo on a couple’s big day, such as spilling wine or not looking at the camera.

Award-winning photographer Elaine Green has shot more than 400 weddings since 2004 and has seen them all over the years.

Green from Canada Newsweek The biggest mistakes guests make include rude gestures, funny faces, and obstruction of the bride and groom’s view.

Most importantly, she advised, “Do nothing to stage up the couple.”

Photographers regularly provided advice on wedding etiquette, posted on the popular question and answer site Quora, and received over 17 million views and over 3,000 votes in favor.

she said Newsweek: “I’ve been answering questions about Quora for years. Many of my answers are viral, but I’m surprised each time.”

In a now viral post shared in 2021, Green reveals her top 10 tips for avoiding embarrassing fakes about photography.

  1. At the moment the officiant says, “Now you may kiss the bride,” stab their phone (or themselves) into the aisle and block the photographer’s shot.
  2. During the ceremony where all guests are seated, they will stand up and continue to close up. Guests are shown in the photos of all ceremonies.
  3. Looking away (or refusing to look at the camera) when posing in a family formal.
  4. Stand by a professional photographer hired during the family’s formal wear and ask the family to look at their camera. This keeps your family’s eyes away from professional cameras.
  5. I’m wearing the opposite of the dress code. That is, if a couple asks all guests to wear formal wear and one guest appears wearing tattered jeans, flip-flops, and a T-shirt, it can be noticeable like a thumb pain in the photo. there is.
  6. Make rude gestures / funny faces when posing with formal group shots.
  7. Wearing tanned lines, tans, and overly tight clothes, I expect a professional photographer to photoshop it later.
  8. Sprinkle wine on the wedding dress.
  9. Insist on being in a family photo (but later parting from the family).
  10. I’m wearing a white dress. It will ruin more than just photos!

Recalling the most devastating guests, Green was named one of the top 5 percent of photographers Wedding wire, States as follows. “During the ceremony, a guest with a large camera stood head-on to take pictures of the bride and groom and continued to take pictures throughout the ceremony. Eventually, the groom took them during the ceremony. I had to stay away from the altar. “

It’s not just what you’re doing, how you dress can also cause shock waves in happy events. Mr. Green said: “In the last decade, more and more people are wearing what they like, whether they’re at a wedding or not. Guests, and even vendors, wear what they wear to paint their decks. I’ve seen it! Recently, there are mantras that say “anything is fine”, but these people always stand out in formal photographs. “

A little girl stands at the camera while the bride and groom make an oath in the foreground. Top tips for wedding photographers to be good guests are viral online.
Elainegreen /

“Good guests sympathize with the bride and groom,” explained Green. “They have been dreaming of this day for years and have paid a lot of money to make everything go smoothly. Being on time, polite and properly dressed is a respect as a guest. increase.”

Wedding report statistics show that couples spend more than 10% of their wedding budget on photos and videos, but Value Penguins reveal that the average cost of professional photography is around $ 2,000. ..

“Don’t pick up the phone in the aisle trying to record everything,” Green explains. “At that moment. If the photographer asks you to look at the camera to take a formal photo, do so. These are the photos that people see magnified and forever. Laugh when in doubt!”

If you’re attending a wedding right away, Green shared some final advice: “Don’t announce it’s your birthday, don’t propose to your loved one, clubwear Don’t wear, and don’t wear white! “

In September 2021, this guest’s printed white dress caused controversy online. Later that year, the Internet helped a woman accused of upstage her bride after weight loss.

Elaine Green-Wedding Photographer
Wedding photographer Elaine Green holding a camera. The top green tips to avoid becoming a nightmare wedding guest are viral.
Elainegreen /


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