Welcome Mat: Renovation booming in 2022

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Kitchen renovations are gaining momentum.

Despite challenges, fitout industry remains strong, Houzz says

According to a report just released by Houzz, the pandemic may have caused supply chain and other ongoing challenges, but it has not slowed the booming renovation industry. The 2022 Houzz US State of the Industry platform provides a 2022 outlook and a 2021 review of the home improvement and design business, based on data reported by more than 2,800 industry professionals. More than two-thirds of respondents expressed optimism that 2022 will be a bumper year and demand for their services will continue to increase. “Pros are bullish that this momentum will continue into 2022,” Marine Sargsyan, senior economist at Houzz, said in a release. “Despite headwinds such as labor and product availability and price volatility, there is a generally positive outlook across industry groups from architects and designers to builders and landscapers.” See the full report on houzz.com.

Celsius54 Candle Co. is raising funds for Ukraine.

Products support humanitarian work in Ukraine

To support peace efforts in Ukraine, some companies have pledged to donate some of their proceeds to charities that help victims. These include Celsius54 Candle Co., which donates $25 to Sunflower of Peace, a Boston-based charity founded in 2014, for every $40 Ukrainian Twist candle sold in the country’s signature blue and gold shades plate. Please visit 54celsius.com. Closer to home, Motawi Tileworks in Ann Arbor recently announced that they will be donating 75% of their 4 x 8 sunflower tiles to Médecins Sans Frontières through April 30th. Sunflowers are inspired by early hand-painted tiles (1839-1917) by British artist William De Morgan. The sunflower is Ukraine’s national flower; the tile can be purchased for $84 at the Ann Arbor Gallery or online (motawi.com).

New sheets promote sleep.

New sheets support better sleep

Who can’t use more and better sleep? In honor of the recent World Sleep Day in March, LifeLabs recently announced a first-of-its-kind temperature-regulating fabric designed to promote the coolest, most comfortable sleep possible. The company’s CoolLife technology is designed to maintain an ideal body temperature throughout the night, which has been linked to improved sleep quality, according to the press release. The company is committed to creating “commercially viable textiles for a more sustainable world,” according to the press release. The new sheets are the company’s first foray into the bedding market; they also make pajamas. Visit Lifelabs.Design.

Find the gallery.

Discovery Expands in Ann Arbor

The Found Gallery in Ann Arbor’s charming and historic Kerrytown district, long a favorite for unexpected and unique art and accessories, now also features furniture and cards in the newly expanded 1,700-square-foot area. Opened in May 2005, the store focuses on artists using found and recycled materials, and has grown into a source for local jewelry, gifts and home decor, “with a focus on simple lines, natural elements, textures and pops of color” , according to their website. Owner Mary Cambruzzi said the expansion was a natural after nearly 17 years in business. “We wanted to be able to offer something more, which gave us a beautiful space,” she said. Visit foundgallery.com.

Murphy beds are gaining popularity due to their versatility.

marvelous murphy bed

Looking for a stylish way to make the most of limited space in your home or apartment? Traditional Murphy beds are making a comeback. This room from a California closet allows a home office to double as a guest room while maximizing square footage. The natural wood grain finish is suitable for most spaces and design styles, allowing you to create an express guest room without sacrificing the equally important work space. Even better: you can customize it to suit your storage needs and design style. For more information, visit California Closets, Suite 95, Michigan Design Center. Visit Michigandesign.com.

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