We’re Calling It: Lego Decorations Aren’t Just For Kids Anymore

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We’re Calling It: Lego Decorations Aren’t Just For Kids Anymore

After her boyfriend moved in, Dani started using clear plastic shelves to display some of his Lego sets.

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“I think [Legos] works in the same way as a work of art,” says Jessica Ayromloo, principal owner of Ayromloo Design. In fact, Jessica says she’s not at all surprised that Legos are experiencing a bit of a comeback. It certainly makes sense with the revival of kitsch in the design world, which can be seen in other trends such as baguette lamps or even subtle twists in the shapes of furniture and rugs. Jessica specifically points to contemporary artists like Jeff Koons and Kaws, who popularized designer toys in the high art world, contributing to the rise of slightly kitschy toys like Legos that find a home in interior space—and in the larger world of fashion. and street clothes. “It’s an inexpensive, fun way to add something interesting to your home that might be a conversation starter,” adds Jessica.

It’s also a bit of a nod to the fantasy rooms we all dreamed of having as kids: the swing bed in Raven’s room in Disney’s It’s So Raven, or the gummy bear chandelier in Carly’s room on Nickelodeon’s iCarly. Dani says some people even compare her own house to Carly’s room.

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Using Lego decorations and other toys as design objects works even if your personal style is on the side of simple and understated. TikTok creator Bao Nguyen explains that when it comes to furniture, she likes to play it safe and mostly stick to neutrals. But she colors outside the lines with her accent decor, using Lego sets and different toys, like her Brickheadz collection, to elevate her space.

Jessica and Bao also mention the fact that it is decor that you can make yourself. As you know, building Legos can be difficult. (Bao’s pro tip is to give yourself plenty of time to do this.) This is especially difficult when it comes to rendering something in Lego form that doesn’t easily fit the shape of Lego itself, such as flowers . But for Bao, this is exactly what makes Lego decorations so special and what makes them come alive in our own homes. Take the starry night set, which was inspired by Van Gogh’s famous artwork known for its graceful curls and swirls—somewhat ironic for anyone who knows the rush of pain from stepping on a Lego block. But it’s that modular and 3D quality that makes sets like this come to life in a way that’s different from the original.

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