What current design trend describes you and your home?

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Every year, new home decor trends emerge. Sometimes it feels new and fresh, and sometimes the old one is new again when it is discovered in a slightly different way by new generations.

Whether you’re a new homeowner or not, at some stage in your life when you’re preparing for miniaturization, or somewhere in between, you’re some element of a new trend without breaking your bank. Can be incorporated.

Check out the trend glossaries below to see some of the current trends and then some suggestions on how to incorporate them into your home.

Don’t you think it fits in just one trend? Do you like several different decoration styles? This is fine if you tend to span multiple areas. Most people do.

Home decor isn’t all-purpose, and after all, loving what’s in your home beats what’s trendy every time.

Cottage core

Cottage atmosphere and romantic farm life, especially countryside decoration. Encourage and celebrate the basics of life such as gardening, sewing and baking. Vintage and antique homes such as dried flowers, rugs, wooden bowls, pottery, natural fiber crochet or knit textiles, with floral textiles and art, familiar furniture, warm neutral and pastel decoration ideals. Add decorations.

How to bring it to your home: Make a statement and add a large floral wallpaper. (If you are worried about your commitment for old school paste wallpapers and remember the stress of removing it at some point in the past, learn that new removable wallpapers will be installed like peel and stick You can easily remove it from well-prepared walls using shelf paper.) If the wallpaper seems too difficult, always add a natural woven blanket, framed dry art And you can bake the bread.

Goblin core

The aesthetics of goblin core design features several gnomes and goblins in addition to elements such as moths, mushrooms and moss.
-Courtesy of JenniferRizzo.com


The dirty, dark side of the Cottage core, which is not necessarily beautiful but is based on nature, celebrates the natural ecosystem. Includes themes such as mushrooms, frogs, snails, moss, and soil. The theme also loves some goblins and gnomes thrown into the mix. It also features more organic and deep colors such as brown and green, as well as organic materials such as wood and metal.

How to bring it home: Dark walls are in fashion again, but they look a little different from the early 2000s. Black, dark green and dark paint on walls, kitchen cabinets and furniture are great ways to capture the atmosphere of a goblin core. For a small commitment, adding moss to the placement of the decoration or hanging the art of the mushroom wall will give it an organic feel.

Grand Millennial Style

Also known as grandma. It is categorized into more traditional decorative lines and infuse items such as antiques, flowers and needle tips that combine traditional style with modern elements. It emphasizes the collected, inherited feel. Among this trend is the resurgence of Arts and Crafts style wallpapers and decorations (which could itself be a resurrection trend in the future). This works well with neutral wall colors as it is a great background for patterns from floral and patterned soft goods.

How to bring it home: Add a combination of floral patterns such as furniture, curtains and pillows. All are allowed. Chinoiserie vases and ginger vases also make a wonderful statement. For a more friendly statement, add some flower pillows to your sofa and hang a cute, detailed ornate gold mirror. Finally, it’s time to see some of the family heirs in the vault. Use China left by grandma sitting in the attic box. Life is short.

Thrift shop, real estate sales, vintage style

Mix new with vintage and thrift shop discoveries. Celebrate the old, the new, and the “found” together. This is a great style for those who love vintage and old things, and / or who want to decorate in a more sustainable way. This has been a continuous trend for the last two decades, but recently the new generation has discovered it not only because of nostalgia, but also because of the need for more environmentally friendly and affordable prices.

How to bring it into your home: The Recycle Shop style is the most flexible of all the styles mentioned. It allows the flexibility to bring used, good quality items home while mixed with new purchases. Many thrift shops and real estate sellers have great boned items that just need a cosmetic makeover. Always check for stinks, cleanliness, and (sick) bugs when buying frugal homes, especially soft goods and furniture. To play safely, buy only hard items such as vases, ornaments and art, and wash soft items such as blankets and drapes immediately. When purchasing items such as vintage lamps, take a safe route and have a qualified electrician rewire.

New mid-century boho

Mid-century modern sleekness with a relaxed look of eclectic bohemian décor. It features casual soft furniture such as plants, clean lines, tassel pillows, abstract and fiber art, vintage rugs and macrame. This trend highlights textures such as logs, leather, plaster and rattan. This style also boasts a clean color palette of warm and cozy desert tones. Wood enthusiasts can rejoice in this style as the natural, raw and light stained glass wood is back.

How to bring it to your home: Bring a beautiful vintage covering that adds color and texture. Rust and cream is a color that is very characteristic of this style, but deep colors are also creeping up. If you have old painted furniture, consider peeling it off the wood and waxing the finish to show the natural beauty of the grain. finished. Sprinkle plants such as Sansevieria and Potos and add neutral green to bring it to life. An easy way to join the trend is to add an eternal (fake) plant and a vase of pampas grass and call it a day.

Wavy and fluted aesthetics

Arched mirrors and logs are popular for their aesthetics of wavy grooved design.

Arched mirrors and logs are popular for their aesthetics of wavy grooved design.
-Courtesy of JenniferRizzo.com

Originally based on Italian radicalism, reminiscent of the 1970s and 80s. This trend emphasizes smooth, soft curves, arches, asymmetric lines and colors with a focus on pastel and neutral. The shapes and decorations give it an organic feel, and the textiles range from fake shelpa to thick wool blankets and raw natural wood. Curved grooved furniture, pleated lampshades and grooved wooden wall treatments are also characteristic.

How to bring it home: An easy way to accept this movement is to add an arched or abstract wall mirror, a curved vase, and a Sherpa-style blanket. This is a style that takes greater commitment by building grooved walls, furniture and doorway arches. Therefore, small chunks are better if not everyone is attending.

I hope this insight into home trends will inspire you to look at your space in new ways and try something new in just a few steps. Decorating can be a fun adventure, and no matter how you decorate your home, make sure everything you bring to you loves you!

• Jennifer Rizzo is an artist, designer, content creator, writer, product designer and brand trend forecaster living in the western suburbs. She can be found on jenniferrizzo.com or on Facebook and Instagram’s Jenniferrizzodesign company.


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