What Is Happening to Car Design These Days?

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The BMW Concept XM is just a recent example, if at all very appropriate. Yes, I know car buyers have more options than ever before. Yes, I know it’s difficult to create something unique with the safety and aerodynamic requirements to follow. But that doesn’t mean that car designers should expect huge front grilles and strange creases to make their project stand out in a good way. Bold may be brave, but not beautiful. In many cases this is not the case.

Find out what Hyundai is doing with the new model. The 45 concept was a beautiful tribute to the pony, except for the strange lateral line from the base of the A-pillar to the front edge of the well on the rear wheel. I tried to get it, but I couldn’t. I can’t do it yet. When Ioniq 5 was announced, the first thing I looked for was the wrinkles. Unfortunately, it’s in production. Thankfully, it didn’t pollute the design so much – but it was very close to doing so.

How about the new Elantra? Even if it’s a great swan song for work at Albert Biaman’s company, it’s scary. “Hyundai” also fits Bayon and Crete (recently modified). Tucson managed to escape God: it also has a strange folded metal on the sides, but it didn’t do as much damage as it did on other cars of the brand.

There are many examples of car design being close to lost art. Consider naming car designers now and in the 1980s. It was much easier at the time. Marcello Gandini, Giorgetto Giugiaro, Walter de Silva, Battista (Pininfarina) Farina are just a few of these masters. Apart from Ian Callum, please name one contemporary designer who remembers with great design. look?

This plague did not begin with car styling. It also affects architecture and art in general. It seems that we have lost contact with really beautiful things and decided to admire the obviously terrible things just to pretend to understand the “fantastic” artist.

Don’t forget to go to Basquiat’s exhibition and ask what makes it different from other paintings, except for the location of the graffiti. On the other hand, Van Gogh’s painting immediately touched my heart. Modern hyper-realist artists always impress me with their skills and sometimes what they want to express.

Not surprisingly, children in some countries don’t care about cars. I suspect they’re giving up driving, getting hooked on public transport, and only computers and video games are getting their attention. My guess is that ugly cars have turned cars into just a means of transportation from A to B.

On the one hand, these designs cannot create emotional connections other than blame. On the other hand, these people who say they have a car probably didn’t have to do monthly shopping or take their kids to school on a rainy day (even if they have kids).

The largest vehicles will be preferred over most public transport available around the world, which is primarily crowded, uncomfortable, slow and inconvenient. Those who advocate some good examples as a solution to all the transportation needs out there forget that they work well thanks to strict city planning, but that’s another matter. ..

When it comes to car design, professionals who love good-looking products are eager to beat those who want to make a shocking and “bold” styling. Those who haven’t tried to reinvent the wheel should have the chance to celebrate beauty, as Gandini, Pininfarina and Giugiaro once did. It doesn’t ask too many questions.

Children should again be given the right to have a dream car and a huge poster on the wall. They need to be able to distinguish one vehicle from the other and create favorites based solely on style. When I say this, I’m sure I’m not alone: ​​bring back a car that inspires buyers to yearn for them. We are angry to see what is being offered today.


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