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Another new set is Will’s Gentlemen’s Club, which Boxer opened with his unfortunate prize money from last season. The team was inspired by similar clubs of the era, such as remodeling clubs and Whites, to build the entire interior of the club, but also with a Las Vegas-style feel.Like all fireplaces Bridgerton Fireplaces — Work and time-accurate glassware are sourced from charity shops, eBay, and various flea markets.The idyllic paintings on the wall were custom made by BridgertonScenic painter Humphrey Bangham. But like the whole series, the club is timely and deliberately exaggerated.

For example, historically, gentlemen’s clubs didn’t have a real bar. The social elite will simply summon drinks.on BridgertonHowever, the script requested one. “We made a kind of bar that wasn’t a bar,” says Hughes Jones. “It works for the story, but it’s not stretched enough to say” Oh, it’s completely wrong “to anyone who wants to be interesting about the accuracy of the period. But that’s not entirely correct. “

He adds: Bridgerton It’s a pastiche of that era. There are some stories that don’t fit into the world of regency. We are storytellers, so we need to help the story. “

Sister Sharma lives in Mrs. Danbury’s house during her stay in London. Here, Simone Ashley as Kate Sharma and Charisla Chandran as Edwina Sharma.

Photo: Liam Daniel / Netflix © 2022

The set looks amazingly realistic, but the production design team uses some clever tricks to create a collective sleeve. The Wills Club champagne bucket contains fake ice. The expensive chinoiserie covering the walls of Mrs. Danbury’s dining room was painted and printed by Bangham. Horses and carriages can easily pass Modiste and Gunter’s Tea Shop because the cobblestone streets that replaced some real-life locations in Bath in Season 2 are made of rubber. Hundreds of flowers are fake to prevent them from hanging. One is the real thing. I printed the letter of Lady Whistledown on a huge Stanhope printing press borrowed from the Reading Museum. This piece, which still has only two, was so heavy that it had to be forklifted inside and outside the printed matter set.



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