Whitehall welder to bring metal creations to Columbus Arts Festival


Prior to his death in April 2021, Jay Glazer had just begun experimenting with the production and sale of artistic metal products as part of a welding business he founded in Whitehall more than 40 years ago.

When his son Jason Glazer took over, he decided to continue expanding that creative aspect of the business.He did it not only because it respected the legacy of his late father who died suddenly Because the heart event at 62, but its artistic sensibility was rooted in him as well.

“I really enjoy the creative approach. When my dad died, it really opened up my passion for it,” Glasser said.

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During the year, Jay’s Metal Crafting artistic products (roasters by whimsical fireflies, ornate plant hangars, bottle trees) were hit at art festivals and online sales. And the up-and-coming success of that segment of the business was enough for Glasser and his team to win this year’s Columbus Art Festival booth as part of their “Emerging Artist” program.


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