Whoa! Womans Pav Bhaji Painting Will Make You Look At It Twice; See Viral Pic


We all agree that art has many forms. Art can be interpreted in a variety of ways, including painting, sculpture, and architecture. Art comes in the form of food for us. Food art is certainly an area that people have begun to explore, from stunning food presentations to chefs making chocolate structures. Food art is believed to have evolved as a result of the mixture of many dishes and the creative use of multiple ingredients and dishes. Thanks to experimental food lovers and social media, you can see beautiful food art! Recently, one such food art has swept the internet. This time, a picture of a female pub buzz attracted a lot of people’s attention.

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A woman who goes by Instagram handle @ruandchai posted all the creations of her pavbhaji paintings. In the video, she first shows a blank canvas and then creates a plate on it. In the next shot you can see her forming pubs, babies and onions. She wrote in a post that she said, “Pub Baj isn’t just about food, it’s moving! I’ve always wanted to draw. I don’t know if I’ve been hungry!” increase. Check out the full post here:

It’s amazing. Since this video was uploaded, it has been viewed 3.3 million times, with 249,000 views and hundreds of comments. One said, “The last frame on this reel shows how realistic this picture is. It shows the fineness of your work. You were great as usual.” Said, “It looks very good and real!”

Someone also said, “Pub and onion reflections and their details. It looks real at the end. You proved it, log apne premi k yaad mein kavita likhte hai hum painters apne premi (food) ki yaad mein uski Paintingbanatehai. (Pubs and onion reflections and their details. It looks real at the end. You proved that people write poems to commemorate their lovers; our painters food in the paintings Make love for.)

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The user also said, “Pav bhaji is my favorite and true. It’s an emotion. The picture looks so real. You’re amazing!”

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