Why Kirby Bumpus Wanted Her Son’s Nursery to Be a Haven of “Black Boy Joy”

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When Gayle King decorates her daughter Kirby Bumpus’s nursery with an image that pleases her little girl’s life, she wonders if this act of love and joy will one day be a wonderful tradition to be passed down to her grandchildren. did not. When Kirby and her husband Virgil Miller celebrated their eldest son Luka, they recognized the importance of creating a cocoon of comfort and happiness for his well-being. He puts together a playful space that grows Luka to the growth that was a top priority for the couple.

Gayle King holds her favorite grandson, Luka.

Kirby bumpus baby luca nursery

Kirby Bumpus holding her son, Luka.


“I spend a lot of time eating and changing diapers, so I wanted to smile when I stepped in,” says Kirby from her home in Los Angeles. “And as Luke grows older, we want him to look around and feel happy to be in the room, and there are some examples.”

Images from childhood that first-time mothers know for themselves are endurance. To date, Kirby can recall a picture of a bear holding a balloon on the wall of her bedroom as a child and the curvilinear typography of a sign with her name. “What do you see in the problem,” Kirby said.

Black Joy Parenting Kirby bumpus

As a toddler, Kirby Bumpus robbed the camera from the crib, with his brother Will, left.

Courtesy of Kirby Bumpus

Luke’s bedroom is bright and airy, with a special reading corner on the wall featuring Luke’s ever-growing literary collection and art by black artists Jema Morris, David Eskibel and Jennifer Warren. Kirby calls the “most intentional” room Luka’s nursery in her home, with all the items chosen for a reason. The rest of her house is a blend of her and her husband’s style, but this was the first room they designed from scratch. “Luke wakes up in the morning and falls asleep surrounded by the night, so she wanted to think about what the space would look like,” she says.

Firefly Rulu Art Studio

fire Fly, By Jema Morris (Lulu Art Studio).

Courtesy of Gema Morris

Specifically, the couple thought it important to be surrounded by the example of a boy who found joy as a child. They regarded the nursery as a shelter for #BlackBoyJoy. This is a popular hashtag 2016 that shows the idea that black boys are proud of themselves and have the right to live their lives without fear. It is a threat, and as a result, it is in danger.

“Given the implications of becoming a black boy and a black man in America, the joy of a black boy is special. To be able to walk the streets freely and enjoy your life. , No longer just given, “Kirby said.

The only problem? There were no existing models of the cozy nursery Kirby and Virgil. When Kirby trolled Google and Pinterest for black boy joy-themed nursery inspiration, she found no example. “I found a lot of really beautiful nurseries-forest nurseries and safaris. I wasn’t starting to think about black magic or the joy of a black boy, I couldn’t find anything,” Kirby said. I am saying.

Kirby realized that he needed to describe this nursery by himself. It started by asking for custom-made budget-friendly art.She has an elegant silhouette and portrait of Jema Morris, she Her Etsy Shop Lulu Art Studio, Kirby has found a starting point.Kirby was especially depicted in A’s Morris illustration Decided and yellow upholstered black girl Staring at a distance, Morris Custom Art sent a message inquiring about the off-riff of the work.

Black Joy Parenting Kirby bumpus

High school girl in lime yellow, By Jema Morris (Lulu Art Studio).

Favor of Gema Morris

Morris is soon connected to Kirby’s intentions for Luka’s nursery. “In my technique, expression is everything,” Morris said. Her work consists primarily of stylized silhouettes of the family, characterized by a wide range of skin tones, because she grew up interracially and her reality is not reflected in the culture around her. I’m getting information.

“I will represent my family and I don’t remember seeing and remembering anything I can buy. That’s what my art is. Young people surround them themselves. You need to see it being represented, and it talks about how I grew up. Until I started doing my artwork, I realized how much it influenced me. It wasn’t, “Mr. Morris said.She is encouraged by the messages from her customers that she can have their It was represented by a family, including a family in which Morris said in her portrait that she was “filling in a void that should no longer exist.”

The process was very supportive. “If we’re trying to do a custom, LET’s really do us,” Kirby of the Stars recalls. Because she and Vergil remember those of bliss on this day and share the moments from their childhood. Vergil insisted on splashing water on the beach. Kirby contributed to the image, remembering that she caught her brother Will and Firefly when she grew up in Connecticut. Another scene imagines Luka’s future childhood: the boy walks the dog just to look like their dog, Slater.

Kirby bumpus nursery art

Untitled By Jema Morris (Lulu Art Studio).

Favor of Gema Morris

The goal was to create a sense for Luke that joy was always within reach. “God will be happy and Luke will have many incredible life experiences, and I want him to understand the importance of enjoying the joy found in the little moments of everyday life. These moments can easily be underestimated or overlooked if you’re not paying attention to your life, such as walking a dog, reading a book, or splashing water, “says Kirby. ..

After settling down in the scene, Kirby brought images of these activities to Morris and used them as an example. Still, she ran into the same expression problems she encountered when she first thought of the nursery. “I found pictures of kids doing all these activities, but I couldn’t usually find black kids in stock images either. So I said,” Like this, but it’s black. “Please make me a boy,” Kirby recalls.

After receiving sample images from Kirby, Morris made mockups of the art through paper clippings and returned them for editing. “In the process, there were many moments in which I shared screenshots of Jema’s mockup before my mother and brother glued together. They had seen pieces come into life. And you If you know my mom, you know she had an extra suggestion, “Kirby said.

In addition to Morris’s work, Kirby rounds off a vibrant collection of abstract art and Luka. Eskebel When Warren.. “Their work evokes playfulness and joy that fits perfectly into Luka’s space,” Kirby says of the art he bought in 2020.

Kirby bumpus nursery art

A little longer By David Esquivel.

David Esquivel

Luke’s bedroom works vary in style from abstract to realistic, but are unified with those created by black artists. I’m black, so “my art is black. I should be able to make what I want, and it can still be black art, and it knows it came from me So it can still stimulate the joy of Black.

For Kirby, there were two intentions to feature a black artist in Luka’s room. He could see himself appearing in the work. When I know that artistic life is possible for him, too. Warren is evidence that art is surrounded by the potential to influence the trajectory of life. As a girl, she was in awe of her brother’s intricate drawings and ceramics. “It gave me the freedom to pursue art myself. I liked, If he can do it, I know it is possible“She says,” You feel like you have a greater chance of growing up around art. “

Black Joy Parenting Kirby bumpus

Anything for love Printed by Jennifer Warren.

Jennifer Warren

Kirby hopes that the art in Luka’s room will one day trigger a conversation about art with his son and support the people who make it. Until then, his nursery can inspire other parents to take a thoughtful approach as well as nursery decoration. A Google search for “Black Boy Joy Nursery” will result in Morris art. What if you imagine the result of the collaboration between Kirby and Morris and what happiness looks like? (Original art created for Luka can be used for purchase as a downloadable printed matter.)

Meanwhile, Kirby now lives here. She always pauses to absorb her nursery, just as art wants to inspire Luka to enjoy the little joy of her life. Kirby says she has a “whole smile” that rounds her corners and walks to Luka’s nursery. “I went back when I was still pregnant and built it before he came into the room. Now he smiles even bigger-not my face From, but only from deep inside, it’s his crib. ”

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