Winning photographers share insights on their work at Missouri’s RJI

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The Washington Post photographer Salwan Georges felt a kinship with the Ukrainians, but he said he had never been there.

“I’m not from Ukraine, but this war is a kind of personal thing to me,” Georges said. “I’m from Iraq.”

Georges is the 2020 International Photographer of the Pictures of the Year Competition at the University of Missouri. He was one of the photographers honored at the All-day Awards at the Reynolds Journalism Institute’s Smith Forum on Friday.

Lindsey Adario is the 2021 International Photographer of the Year. Adario was unable to attend the all-day awards because he was assigned to New York Im, Ukraine.

He said Georges was in Kharkov in eastern Ukraine when the war began.

“The bombs continued to fall,” Georges said. “I remember hearing it in Iraq, but I haven’t heard it since I was eight.”

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