WISeKey’s WISe.ART NFT Marketplace Adds New Collection of

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WISeKey WISe.ARTNFT Marketplace Adds New CCollection of NFTs Spanish Artist Pedro Sandoval

WISe.ART is committed to cross-blockchain support, with Ethereum, Polygon and CasperLabs support to enable a truly open data economy and ensure interoperability and scalability as part of WiseKey. We are gradually adding new chains.of Overall strategy to serve as the primary platform for the Web3.0 revolution..

WIS e.Art platform Have Developed In a full-scale market with its own digital currency, Enable artists, curator, collector, And multiplier, To the plane With white labeling options/Also Custom made NFT Digital designs, physical arts and collectibles..

Geneva, Madrid – March 1, 2022 – Cybersecurity and IoT giant WISEKey Holding Ltd (“WISeKey”, NASDAQ: WKEY, SIX: WIHN) has successfully sold multimedia art by Pedro Sandoval today. I announced that.for Euro 170,000 In collaboration with Duran Subastas, we are uploading additional exciting artwork by Pedro Sandoval to the Wise.ART NFT Marketplace.

WISe.ART provides both a secure marketplace and platform, allowing NFT buyers and sellers to easily connect cryptocurrency wallets to instantly buy or list NFTs for sale. WISe.ART recently added Casper Labs to the existing Ethereum & Polygon blockchain. WISe.ART is committed to cross-blockchain support, with Ethereum, Polygon and CasperLabs support to enable a truly open data economy and gradually add new chains to Wise.ART as a whole. We ensure interoperability and scalability as part of our strategy. Top 10 major platforms of the Web3.0 revolution.

About Pedro Sandval:

Pedro José Sandoval (Ciudad Bolívar, July 12, 1964) 1 is a Spanish and Venezuelan artist based in Madrid, Spain. Having won several international awards and mixed with most of Europe’s leading contemporary artists, he has been working on NFTs since the mid 90’s. His belief is that art must tell a story, and the artist must live the story in order to convincingly express it. Each of his interpretations of the NFT is drawn from his personal perception of the museum’s masterpieces, or his vision of today’s situation and society.

To commemorate his membership Luminaries21, He wanted to honor the other 1090 members in a retrospective exhibition showing our dedication to the good of our planet and humanity by creating a series of “NFT for Good”. For more information, please visit www.pedrosandoval.com.

Pedro is currently attending ARCO, Spain’s major annual art fair, and was one of the first to be open to the public after the pandemic. He prepared an exclusive series of digital designs for watches, especially for the opening of the event.Two of them were sold on the first day EURO 6,000.- The Mona Lisa series is also available on the Wise.ART platform linked to physical works in Madrid’s artist studios. Collectors can choose to get an NFT on the platform and ship physical parts anywhere in the world.

About WISeKey:

WISeKey (NASDAQ: WKEY; SIX Swiss Exchange: WIHN) is deploying a large digital identity ecosystem for people and objects using blockchain, AI and IoT that respect humans as a fulcrum of the Internet. Is one of the world’s leading cyber security companies. WISeKey microprocessors protect the popular computing that shapes the Internet of Things today. WISeKey IoT is an installation base of over 1.6 billion microchips in virtually every IoT sector (connected cars, smart cities, drones, agricultural sensors, anti-counterfeiting, smart writing, servers, computers, mobile phones, crypto tokens, etc.) I have. WISeKey is uniquely located at the edge of the IoT because semiconductors generate large amounts of big data. This helps industrial applications predict equipment failures before they occur when analyzed with artificial intelligence (AI).

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