Woman Worships Mona Lisa In Bizarre Bengali Daily Soap Scene

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The strangeness of Indian daily soap is unparalleled, and sometimes either scene becomes the butt of a social media meme.

From Rashi’s Antic A crazy husband puts a cockroach in his wife’s glass on the first night -We know something strange. now, The Bengal soap opera scene is blowing people’s hearts. In any language, Indian soap always seems to find a way to go against logic.

Screengrab / Twitter

The ridiculous scene shows a woman who worships the Mona Lisa portrait and puts a wreath around it. If that is not enough, she ignites an incense stick and worships a portrait.

Netizens claim that certain scenes are from Bengal’s daily soap called Gouri Elo. I don’t know what’s going on The show’s creators can educate us about the logic behind this show or its lack.

Needless to say, desis Stumble on a viral screenshot. Some were posted on Twitter, and users were stunned to see the scene.

Last year, the Hindi daily soap scene showed a groom swallowing a cockroach with milk on a wedding night.

This scene is from a show named “Dil Se Di Dua… .Saubhagyavati Bhava”. Watch the couple get married and return to her room to celebrate the first night after her wedding. But the groom, played by Callanville Bora, does something very strange on her wedding night. The scene shows a cockroach crawling on the shoulders of her bride (Smriti Jha) who scares her.

But what happens next is completely strange.The Groom Step into it and try to kill the cockroach. But when the bride stops him, he actually puts a cockroach in his glass of milk and drinks it. Seeing this, the shocked bride faints. We also fainted.

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