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Decentralized NFT marketplace.
By people, for people.

X2Y2 is another new #NFT marketplace that takes a similar approach to some token drops (SOS, ENS, ETC.) And looks for a new wETNHFT marketplace. Last year’s NFT traders will get various claim tokens based on the volume and the number of NFTs listed on the platform. The tokens for this project are parabolic at around $ 4.00 per token (power users who trade NFTS above 30 ETH can request 1,000 tokens). This is more than 1 ETH for users who can extract and invert tokens.

Currently, I claim that the X2Y2 is locked and basically turn it into a honeypot (it’s worth it, but it’s not available). Create a supply problem that pushes up prices.

X2Y2 allocation

The total supply of 1,000,000,000 X2Y2 tokens is allocated as follows:

Percentage of total supply Total X2Y2
Airdrop 12% 120,000,000
Development team Ten% 100,000,000
Finance and ecosystem Ten% 100,000,000
Pre-sale 1.5% 15,000,000
Liquidity management 1.5% 15,000,000
Staking reward 65% 650,000,000
Total supply 100% 1,000,000,000

X2Y2 shares the vision of building a truly decentralized NFT market and returning it to the community.

  • There is no sale of private tokens – The liquidity bootstrap is taken directly from the published initial liquidity offering and is permanently locked.
  • Share market fees – 100% of the market fees collected will be rewarded to the X2Y2 stacker.
  • Comprehensive airdrop – An airdrop that covers all OpenSea users who have previously traded and never expire.

NFT market, but better

X2Y2 is built by an experienced team with industry-proven blockchain solutions. It is designed to work around many known issues with OpenSea and further enhance your trading experience with useful features such as:

  • Bulk list – List multiple NFTs in just one transaction.
  • Bulk purchase – Buy a large number of NFTs at once.
  • Real-time notification – Send an item activity notification / email.
  • Rarity integration – Browse the rarity of NFT traits without installing extensions.

Creator Economy

Since creators are one of the most important parts of the NFT ecosystem, X2Y2 offers and sells a full set of tools to help creators of collections provide better service for NFT whitelisting and loyalty management. Sometimes we offer real-time loyalty payments.


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