You can now see Michelango’s Sistine Chapel art ‘up close’ in Manchester


With the opening of the acclaimed exhibition dedicated to the paintings of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel, one of the world’s greatest works of art can now be seen in Manchester.

The new exhibition will be open to the public on Friday in a huge unit at Trafford Palazzo, the former Burton Square next to the Trafford Center.

Michelangelo’s famous ceiling frescoes in the Vatican’s Sistine Chapel are on display, reproduced as vast photographs and displayed in their original size. Visitors can feel the vast amount of works of art up close and personal.

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You’ll also be captivated by spectators in cities around the world, and at Manchester’s first exhibition, you’ll learn about the wonderful life of 16th-century artist Michelangelo and how he produced incredible artistic achievements. ..

As anyone who has visited the actual Sistine Chapel in the Vatican City (pre-Covid era), it takes a very long procession to visit the real thing, the magnificent chapel and artwork, If you look at the pictures, a lot of people will gather. It is strictly prohibited.

His own experience at the Sistine Chapel is when Martin Biallis, the founder of the exhibition at the SEE event, takes a selfie of some of the world’s most famous works of art in Bible stories while watching them. It motivated me to create an interactive exhibition where I could spend time.

Here in Manchester, the organizers will strictly limit the number to avoid congestion, and tickets will be booked at intervals throughout the day from Wednesday to Sunday, March 27th, from 10am to 6pm.

The Creation of Adam in a new exhibition

The frescoes are displayed as 34 reproductions on a 16-foot panel throughout the exhibition, showing details of each piece, including a depiction of the iconic Michelango of Adam’s creation.

Visitors walk the painting as if it were the Sistine Chapel itself, ending with the Last Judgment. This is Manchester’s only unreproduced piece of actual size, covering the walls of the chapel altar. Towering 41 feet high.

The painting comes alive with special printing techniques that emulate the look and feel of the original painting. Visitors are given the opportunity to work on artwork in ways that were previously impossible. All colors of the artist’s 34 frescoes.

Each image has a useful sign that allows you to rent an audio guide for a more detailed experience.

How to get a ticket

The Last Judgment on display in Manchester

Admission is limited to time-limited tickets, and the number is limited. You can book your tickets online here, but there are some vacant doors.

The entrance is near the tram stop, through the main entrance to Trafford Palazzo, opposite Primark.

Prices vary depending on the scheduled date and time of the visit, but standard admission is £ 11 for adults (13+), £ 8 for seniors, students and NHS, and £ 8 for children ages 4-12. -4 seconds will be free.

You can also opt for VIP admission, which offers cue jumps and free posters. Adults are £ 14 and discounts are £ 11.80.

There is also a family bundle for 2 adults and 2 children, starting at £ 6.90 per ticket.

The attraction is open Wednesday to Sunday at 10am and last admission is from 6pm to Sunday, March 27th.

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