You’ll never look at this Super Mario character the same way again

by AryanArtnews
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Over the last few years, we’ve seen some pretty scary things, from design crime to almost everything in the news. But despising everything, this shocking revelation from the world of Super Mario still plagues our nightmares.

It’s one of the most pressing questions of our time: is Toad’s head a hat or just his head? This conundrum has led several illustrators to (naturally) create their own toad-themed concept art. In March 2020, Alex Solis gave perhaps the most nightmarish example to date. Who cares if the head is a hat? What matters now is whether those eyes are … nostrils. If you’ve ever gotten one of the best deals on Nintendo Switch, you’re probably familiar with Toad. But be prepared to ask any questions you think you know.

Our eyes! (Image credit: Alex Solis on Instagram)

And it’s there. Rather than being content with our own ghost dreams, we decided to ghost your dreams as well. Like the most offensive logos in the world and the PlayStation logo seen from behind, this is something you can never see.

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